Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review - At Any Moment (Gaming The System #3) - Brenna Aubrey


Oh my gosh! I've just finished this and I'm not sure I can even write this review, I'm still a little speechless and brain numb. That was amazing!
I received this book at 3am this morning, and have only put it down when forced. To say I wasn't amused to have to stop reading, is an understatement.
I have just gone through a complete whirlwind of emotions. After reading the first 2 books in this series, and being blown away by the originality of this story, to find that the engrossing story just kept on getting better, was a huge bonus. There was not one single thing about this series, that wasn't full on action, emotion, gripping, anything else I can throw in.

At Any Moment, is book 3 in the Gaming the System series. This story started with Geek Girl Blogger Mia Strong. In her early 20's, at college to go on and study medicine. Her downtime was her love for gaming. Not only did she live it, she also had a hugely popular and well known blog, detailing all her opinions on the game she plays, and everything surrounding the gaming world. Unfortunately, after her mom has been sick with cancer, money has been extremely tight, and Mia has ongoing college fees. She decides to do something unique and risky, she is going to auction off her virginity. She needs the money and sees it as a business transaction. Anyway skip on a bit and the man chosen is Adam Blake, millionaire software guru, and man genius. Yes, odd combination and not a likely choice, but there is reasons for why he is chosen, and for why he decided to do it. The amazing thing about this series, is how there is always a bigger story behind everything. It's all perfectly thought out and the bigger picture is pretty awesome.

Right, so this is actually book 3, and Adam and Mia have been through some incredibly hard times. Some hideous, heart wrenching bad luck. I'm not going to give anything away about book 3, as it will end in spoilers, and I would hate to spoil how everything unraveled in this final instalment of Adam and Mia's lives.
What I will say is, OH MY GOD, I really didn't think I had any more tears to cry. I haven't felt so rubbish whilst reading a book, in ages. Although in a good way, of course. The story ripped me apart. I think knowing just how real and raw the subject matter in this book is, made it all the more painful. There was nothing held back, and in this part Mia and Adam's story was told in a brutal and painful but awe inspiring way. My heart broke for both of them repeatedly. Yet, above all else, this a love story, at it's most difficult.

It's not all tears and sadness though, I have to say that, through all the crap that Mia has been put through. Her sense of humour is incredible. She is so strong in the face of despair, and pain. She has always been, from the beginning of this series, a hilarious character to follow. I love her sarcastic, dead pan humour and love how it still shines through at her hardest times. There were parts where I didn't want to laugh, yet couldn't stop myself. The way Mia and Adam bounce off each other, makes for some crazy giggling moments, that help with all the snotty tears.

This is not a fairytale story, but a real version of life at it's hardest. But, with the most perfect conclusion and thankfully an ending that had me weeping ugly tears, again, but in a good way!
I couldn't of asked for a better ending to Adam & Mia's story. This has been a beautiful final part, and an amazing series. One of my favourite series in a long while. With shocks, tears, incredible hot scenes and sigh-worthy moments to please every romantic fiction lover.

5 stars doesn't do it justice, I need some zeros to add on to that.

**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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