Friday, October 17, 2014

Review - When We Met - A.L. Jackson/Molly McAdams/Tiffany King/Christina Lee

I was really excited to read this book. 
Four college girls share a house, each one has their own story and four different authors tell each girls tale. Each story is only about 100 pages, but they are all really great stories and easy to read. 
First was Micha's story, told by A.L. Jackson. I loved this story. Micha has had her share of heartbreak and is left not trusting the male species. After being humiliated by her first real boyfriend, Micha is ready to pack her bags and not come back to college. Yet, she braves it and returns for the new term. It's then that she meets the hot neighbour who has moved in to next door. He is very persistent and determined to get Micha to let him in. A really sweet tale, full of tender moments and hot, tense moments. 

The next girl is Indy. The firey red head, who has had a real bad couple of years. After a traumatic accident took someone who means everything to her, she fills that place with a boyfriend, who feels too sorry for her to leave her. After finding out how little she means to him. Indy is left alone, again and fights to blank out everything with drunken nights with random men. It's whilst doing this, Indy realises she is not alone. Someone has been looking out for her, although she has no idea who or why. He only helps her when she is too drunk to remember. This is by far my favourite story in the book. Written by Molly McAdams. It's sweet, surprising and a totally feel good story. 

The third girl is Courtney, and her tale is told by Tiffany King. Courtney works in her local sports bar and one night the local basketball star, decides he wants to get to know Courtney better. Although they have a past. They were childhood best friends and drifted apart, not in a good way. Courtney still holds a grudge, but Dalton is determined to make it up to her, and start fresh. A sweet tale, that is easy to read. Perhaps not quite as gripping as the first 2 but still a good read.

Lastly is Chloe, written by Christina Lee. This had an interesting twist. An intriguing story. Chloe is a fashion designer in the making. She works in a quaint clothes shop when not at college. It's here that she is offered a chance by her boss, to design a show for her final piece for college. She can transform her bosses other shop unit, in to anything she would like. But, she has to do it with her nephew. Blake, works in contraction after having to drop out of college. He will help with the manual work on the shop besides Chloe. Except they wind each other. Chloe, in her self conscious nature, appears to look down on people. Blake being one of them. Blake thinks she is stuck up. The banter between these two is hot and funny. Making another easy read. Again, I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first two, but I still enjoyed it. 

Overall, a great collaboration. Four great stories by four amazing authors. An incredibly easy read, that left me laughing and sad along with the characters. I still think this was such a great idea, and think everyone should give it a read. 

4 Stars.

**I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

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