Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review - Sea of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #1) - Sharon Cummins

Well, that was a nice and enjoyable, easy read.
After reading a few books by this author now, I'm of the opinion that her books are perfect if you want to pick up a book and have no trouble reading it. A book that you will find yourself laughing and gasping, but just enjoying it without the brain numbing part. What I call perfect holiday reading.

Gavin Lucas, is gorgeous, stinking rich and a sought after bachelor. He has come with friends on a cruise. To relax after working non stop on his extremely successful company. He hasn't gone to find love, although fun would be a great distraction. What he doesn't expect is, to find Becky.

Becky, has come away on the cruise as start to her new life. A break before she starts a new job. Becky had been with her high school sweet heart for 17 years, and had never got past being boyfriend and girlfriend. Despite the length of their relationship, there was no commitment and Becky had, had enough. So she finishes with her ex, applies for a new job hours away, and makes the move. So when she comes on this well earned break, she does not want any men issues. She wants to relax and read.

Gavin has other ideas and once he has spotted her, he wants to get to know her. Although Becky pushes him away, more than enough times, Gavin won't admit defeat. So begins some funny and easy scenes following Gavin chase a feisty Becky. Then on to them getting to know each other.
It's all really sweet and funny. Really enjoyable, also with some awesome, hot scenes to give the story some sizzle.

Becky and Gavin get on amazingly and agree to spend the week together, with no strings and no attachments. Once off the ship, normal life is resumed, without each other. Yet, it doesn't seem to be all that easy, when they find themselves becoming quite attached in the short time.

Once the ship docks, they both walk away. No details swapped. Yet, both of them feeling awful about it and wishing things had of been different.

That's where I'll stop with the summarizing, as the rest needs to be enjoyed without knowledge of the outcome.

I really did enjoy this book, and found it an addictive easy read. I must admit I struggle with 3rd person POV, so sometimes that made it hard for me, but given that I don't usually enjoy reading books in 3rd pov, it still didn't stop me from enjoying this story.

4 Stars!

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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