Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review - Indiscretion; Volume 4 - Elisabeth Grace

This was the conclusion to the Indiscretion series, and after reading all of the other parts, I wanted to see what happened to Chloe and Max quite badly.

Volume 3 had finished on quite a dramatic ending, so we go straight back in to the action with Vol 4. Were trying to find out who the mystery woman that appeared next to Max is. Although they are on a no strings arrangement, due to end very soon. Chloe is surprisingly very hurt by what she saw. After fleeing the party, Max is also surprisingly worried about what upset Chloe.
So both of them appear to be far more attached to each other, than they would like to admit.

We also still need to find out who is trying to frighten Chloe, which I must admit really shocked me. I was so sure I knew who it was from the start. That was a good shocker.

Then the book takes a completely different twist, that I wasn't expecting, and I found myself going from enjoying the lighthearted and extremely steamy scenes, to balling my eyes out. In the space of about 1 chapter!
The other parts in this series have been novella length, and quite short and spicy. This final part was slightly longer and far more intense.

It was a fantastic conclusion to a great series, and I felt really satisfied with the ending.

Great series, with so much crammed in for those who love to read all different styles of contemporary.

Highly recommended.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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