Monday, October 20, 2014

Review - The Vixen and the Vet - Katy Regnery


Aww this was such a gorgeous and beautiful love story.

Savannah Carmichael, is gorgeous, intelligent and driven. After working in New York, for one of the most popular tabloids, in journalism. She finds herself betrayed and her dream career ripped apart. So she returns to her home town in Virginia, where things are very much different from New York. The pace of life and the people couldn't be further from what she has gotten used to. So, after listening to her bubbly sister talk of weddings continuously, when her own heart was stamped on, along with her career. Savannah is desperate for a break, something new to sink her teeth in to, to resurrect her career. When a perfect opportunity is offered to Savannah, to find a way back in to the game again. She snaps it up. After her attention was drawn to the dark, and big house sitting all by itself, away from the rest of the town, her curiosity for the man who apparently was a war hero, who had returned from combat, a badly wounded and shunned veteran, gives way to a bigger idea.

Savannah is going to write a human interest piece on Asher Lee, the hermit and recluse who is surrounded in mystery. She sees it as a perfect opportunity for her to get her foot back in the door again, in the journalism circles.  
What Savannah didn't reckon on, was finding herself not repulsed by Asher Lee's injuries, but the opposite. She finds herself wanting to know him far better. 

Asher finds himself totally out of his comfort zone with this gorgeous yet driven journalist. She has walked all over his secluded bubble. Made him start to feel again, and to also want again.

What starts as a really innocent and curious friendship, it's obvious the tension and chemistry is sizzling between Asher and Savannah. The piece that Savannah is writing, is supposed to show how a town shunned the wounded vet and made him feel unwanted, and freak like. Yet, the editor isn't interested in that story. He wants it sexy and romantic. It doesn't take Savannah long to realise, he wants the true story. 

What grows between Asher and Savannah is perfect. Gorgeous and sweet, it just makes you sigh at how perfectly they are together. Plus once they realise just much they desire each other, the scenes that follow are incredibly hot and the pages sizzle. 

It's obvious that what Savannah is doing, is going to backfire, I could tell that from the beginning. But it had to play out, and it was rather impressive. There was nothing about this story, that I didn't love. To see what they have together, and when they need to fight for it. It's just full on and intense. Just like the rest of this story. There is never a boring or dull moment, and the writing is so perfect, you can picture every scenario like it's a movie. I loved the originality of this story, I was grabbed by the synopsis and couldn't wait to get started, and I wasn't disappointed. This story was beautiful and had me sighing for a long time after I had finished. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read this, and would recommend to all classic romance fans, who love a story with depth, great characters and sizzling pages. Plus an amazing ending to finish it off perfectly. 

4 Stars.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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