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REVIEW - Dangerous Desire (Onyx Club #2) - Sebastian Ex

TITLE: Dangerous Desire

AUTHOR: Sebastian Ex


My name is Brandon Edwards. Men like me don’t come along often. I'm a gentleman, a lover, a protector, and a Dominant. I've never been the type who can – or even wants to – commit to a woman…until I met Penny a couple of years ago. Since then, we've been in a committed relationship. I adore and cherish her.

Penny has a darkness inside her, a yearning for extreme pain. But I don’t want that for her, nor can I give her what she’s so desperate for. Her craving has led her down risky paths, and it’s my job to keep her off those now.

There’s a dangerous desire lurking within all of us. But when does wanting more become too much?

What I thought?

Dangerous Desire is book 2 in the Onyx Club Series.   Sebastian wrote a wonderful story that included BDSM lifestyle, hot scenes, a romance between two characters, and crossed over characters from book 1-Filthy Desire.   
In Dangerous Desire you are reading mainly about Brandon and Penny.   Brandon is a Dom. He is very gentle and he knows how to treat his submissive, Penny.  He’s the kind of Dom that I like.  Brandon and Penny love each other so much. Penny loves pain in the BDSM lifestyle. (For me, that kind of pain isn't for me, but that's what makes it an interesting story). Brandon doesn't give her the kind of pain she wants so she leaves. What happens next gets me really mad and it's heartbreaking.   I'm not going to go into detail but something happens to Penny and it changes them both.  Brandon will do anything for Penny as he's now madly in love with Penny. Brandon also is such a caring person he helps out Daisy and her son.  
Dangerous Desire made me smile and it also made me frown at a few spots. It also wanted me to reach inside and smack someone. (Again, I'm not going to go into details because I don't want to spoil the story for those that haven't read it) It was a great book to follow Filthy Desire.     
I can't wait to find out what happens in the 3rd book.   

Some quotes/parts of the story I liked:

"Something I learned early as a Dominant is sometimes women just need to cry. The tears I usually see are after a scene, a moment when everything is stripped back to its rawest and most natural form. It's when the woman feels most vulnerable, though paradoxically, it's also the strongest she's ever been."
"Matthew, Nathan and I have the same values. Women-more specifically our women- are to be nurtured, encouraged
, and worshipped. When inside the bedroom, they’re to be dominated and f*cked. They’re designed to be treated beautifully, to have us fall at their feet, utterly devoted to them. To take them, use them, break down the barriers their minds put up, and to rebuild them until they’re the women they should be. But most of all, we cherish and love them.”
"There's no doubt in my mind your protectiveness, your chivalry, and your strength, will make you phenomenal Master...," she pauses, "My Master," she adds."
"She understands I want to give her exactly what she needs. And if I can't give it to her, I'll find the best person who can."
“The submissive is the one with all the power. It all comes down to them and what they want. The Dominant is merely a trusted person to let go with and experience the surrender a submissive willingly gives.”

Star Ratings:

Plot - 5/5
Heat - 4/5
Writing Style - 5/5
Overall rating - 4.5/5

4.5 Stars!!   


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