Thursday, July 16, 2015

REVIEW - Wrath (Fire & Steel MC #2) - Kaylee Song


He's the sinner, she's the savior, but can she save him? 

Note: This is a Stand Alone Book with an HEA ending. 

The Savior 

Emma Snow has spent her life fighting to live. The product of a broken home, she clawed her way to independence, but at a cost. Now, in her junior year at a top tier college, she has everything within her grasp. Until she meets him. 

Aidan is wild and reckless. Everything she isn’t and everything she should avoid. Her attraction to him is undeniable. 

Emma escaped darkness before. Will surrendering to him only trap her again? 

The Sinner 

Wounded Army Specialist, Aidan Crowne never thought living at home could be this hard. A year into his new life, and he is already spinning out of control. No job, no prospects. 

Fire and Steel MC offers him a place at their side. Joining the club means he’ll have to sacrifice everything that makes him human and give into his true nature. 

His Wrath. 

Is it worth the cost? 

Can Emma deny Aidan when she's the only one who might lead him to safety? 

My Thoughts:

Wrath is a continuation from Kaylee Songs first book Rage. While I believe that you would be able to read this book as a standalone, I highly recommend you read Rage first so that you can fully understand everything that is going on. Wrath does offer some explanation from the events in Rage, but I think that reading Rage give you more information and keeps you invested in the book.

Wrath is the story of Aiden and Emma. Both lead completely different styles of life, but they both have a common ground. Aiden is a war vet who has to come home and is having trouble finding work. This is what allows him to become involved in the MC. Emma is going to college and she took a part-time job at her cousins bar, which just so happens to be under the protection of the MC. Through these events these two are able to meet and make a connection.

I really enjoy how Kaylee was able to incorporate a war vet in her story. I find it commendable that her main character served for our country. I could really invest myself in the story. I could understand how Aidan is going through all this emotional trauma from his time in Afghanistan. I also love how she wrote Emma's character. Emma had trauma from her past as well and is trying to work through it while working her way through college. I think this is the common ground that allowed Emma and Aiden to make a connection.

While the MC is still trying to solve the events from the first book, there are more events that occur for the MC. I think this book fully emerges you into the life of an old lady. I like the perspective from Emma and how she's perceiving the club. There's also another subplot that involves Emma that I find very intriguing. I think it shows that even through the MC has stuff going on, there are other dangers out in the world that they need to be aware of.

Again I really like the writing of this author and I really love the storylines and her books. With that being said, I did find a couple of grammar and spelling errors. I also felt that things happened a little fast. Even with this I still love the book and can't wait for the next one.


Plot= 5/5
Writing style=4/5

Favorite quotes:

This wasn't a game to him. We could play all I like, but I could see the honesty in his eyes. He was looking at me like I was all he wanted to see.

To hell with the rest of the world. All I wanted to do with exist in his.

I would tear down the sky for that woman. She gave me a reason to be alert, to stand on guard. I needed her.


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