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REVIEW - Saved by an Angel - Roberta Capizzi *Contains Spoilers*



TITLE : Saved by an Angel (Angel #2)

AUTHOR : Roberta Capizzi 



Soul mates always find each other . . .

For twenty-four years, Claire Neeson has been invisible. Ever the nerdy type, boys never spared her a second glance, and the one time one did, she ended up bruised and heartbroken.
After the last member of her family leaves her, she hopes a new life in Galway with her former college roommate might be the fresh start she needs. Falling in love isn’t her plan, especially now that she’s busy building a new life for herself.

That’s when she meets him.

David O’Hagan is haunted by nightmares. After losing his older brother in a car accident more than a year ago, he has been trying to go back to his old life, hiding his grief behind a mask nobody can see through. He thinks he’s getting by just fine. He thinks he’s happy with his life, his job, and his girlfriend.

That’s when he meets her.

When their worlds collide, David and Claire feel something spark but one minute is all they have before they go their separate ways. They never expected to meet again after that serendipitous encounter, but fate has its own plan . . .

Sometimes true love can heal the deepest scars. If you believe.

***Saved By An Angel is book 2 in the Angel series. It can be read as a standalone or after reading Hugged By An Angel.***

My Thoughts: 

*Contains spoilers* 

Have you ever felt like something from your life was missing? Or maybe some one? This book is about that.

David lost his brother/best friend almost two years ago. At the same time his baby sister Kathy was hurt. His family hasn't been the same since the accident.
Around six months after Declan's death he started dating Michelle. David is starting to feel the lack in his relationship with Michelle. She's all about her job, has never asked about Declan, and most importantly she can't see that he isn't happy.

Claire lost her twin in an accident when she was eight. Which was the downfall in her family. Her father left and her mother cried herself to sleep every night. Then when she came home after college she found out her mother was sick with cancer and didn't have much time left. After her mother passed Claire wasn't living, she was basically surviving. 
Claire moved back to Galway and moved in with her college house mate. She had a job she had no interest in, but it was something that would pay the bills in the mean time.
Ciara, her roommate convinced her to go out with her one night. That night she fell into the arms of a man, quite literally. One man knocked into her causing another one to catch her. That man being David.

David always had a weakness for redheads but had never dated one. Claire had a natural beauty, didn't dress up to the nines or wear a lot of make up. She was the polar opposite of Michelle. He didn't know her name when he left the bar, but couldn't get her out of his head.
A few weeks later he finds her at his job. They both work at the University. They strike up a friendship of sorts.

After a while David broke up with Michelle. Him and Claire share the loss of their loved ones with each other. It makes David want Claire more, but makes Claire back away from him. She doesn't want to be his rebound and doesn't think she's good enough for him. Which is crazy.

Since before David broke up with Michelle, he had been having the same nightmare. Every night another little detail becomes clear. After an almost kiss with Claire the full dream comes to light.

"When I kiss you for the first time, Claire Neeson, you’re gonna need paramedics to assist you, ’cause I’ll blow your min."


The dream is basically a premonition of what's to happen.
Declan is giving it to him, so he can stop it from coming true. Declan in his angel form informs David he needs make sure it doesn't happen.
That Claire is his better half and he needs her in his life.
David does save Claire. But they both end up with injuries. While Claire is in a coma she sees her sister, mother, and Declan. She gets closer with her mother and sister and Declan gives her a message for David. Basically that he was sorry for the nightmares but it needed to be done to save her.
When she wakes from her coma she finds out David hasn't left her side.

"I haven’t stopped thinking about your lips since I walked out of this room. I don’t care if it won’t be as romantic as I’d planned— I really want to kiss you, Claire. Like, really bad." 

I don't want to give too much of this book away, so I will stop now. I will say this does have a HEA but there is quite a bit more to this book that what I mentioned.


Plot- 3/5
Characters- 4/5
Heat- 2/5
Writing style- 3/5
Overall- 3/5 

**I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. **


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