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REVIEW - Rubble and The Wreckage (A Gabriel Church Tale #1) by Rodd Clark

Title - Rubble and The Wreckage (A Gabriel Church Tale #1)
Author - Rodd Clark


Gabriel Church knows you can’t take a life without first understanding just how feeble life is, how tentative and weak it stands alone. If you desire murder, you hold a life in your hand. Whether you release it to grant life or grip tighter to end it, it is at your command and discretion.

Gabriel is a serial killer with a story he wants told.

Christian Maxwell studied abnormal psychology in college but chose instead to focus on a career in writing. His background comes in handy when he thinks of writing about a serial killer. He can’t think of anyone more qualified to write the story of Gabriel Lee Church, and do so in the murderer’s own words. It’s been done before, but never with a killer who has yet to be captured or convicted.

There was never anything more than a gentleman’s understanding between the two men that Christian would record Gabriel’s life story. The killer did not ask for his complicity in any crimes, nor did he ever ask for his silence. Christian’s interest in the man, though, is fast becoming something more than academic. When the writer and his subject become unexpected friends and then lovers, the question remains: What is Gabriel’s endgame . . . and why does he want his story told?

What It's About

A serial killer, A writer, an agreement and a journey.
"No one has ever asked you your side of it, usually a serial murderer doesnt get a chance to explain why he kills"

What I thought

I'm underwhelmed. I don't know how else to put it.
It has all the makings of being a book I would LOVE. Outside of this romance world im a true crime buff and wannabe criminologist, so THIS book should have been PERFECT for me. It wasn't, it just fell short in all departments and i'm gutted about that.
"I remember everything about it, namely because it was a woman. She was pretty and petite, and like all the others, she didn't see it coming until it was too late."
So as the blurb says, Gabriel is a serial killer, he's on the run but he wants everyone to know his story. Enter Christian, writer and psychological fanboy. They team up to create the tale of the man who can only guess the number of people he has killed. 
As a psych student, Christian should have seen the big glaring red flags in his plan from day dot, but he didnt. He's all beguiled  and oh how annoying that is. Part of me wants to tell psych students to read this book as a sort of how to guide on what not to do after they get their degree, but I suppose that's being mean.

I have a few issues with the sex, main one being the use of a woman. Kinda killed the whole "M/M" vibe, but each to their own. and hey, she was swiftly "dealt with" My main issue with this book though was the language. It felt old, it felt outdated and that in turn made it uncomfortable to read for me.

There are a few twists that boosted it and upped the intrigue, but all the major plot points I found kind of predictable and the ending obviously being set that way to open up the next book, didn't give enough for me to want to read the second book.
"I don't know where you disappeared to, but wherever it was I would've liked to have been invited along"
 I will say if you have not read M/M before and can handle the unusual subject matter, I would give this book a go. It is interesting. I'll give it that.

Star Ratings:
Plot = 3/5
Characters = 2/5
Heat = 2/5
Writing Style = 1.5/5
Overall Rating = 2/5

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