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REVIEW - Evanesce (Darkness #2) - Cassia Brightmore

Title - Evanesce (Darkness #2)
Author - Cassia Brightmore


If your soul has been plunged into the dark depths of despair, how hard would you fight to claw your way back to the surface? Can the life you lost be restored, or is it destined to be forever phased out of existence? Fated to dissolve into a distant memory.

The Black Market—a ferocious, starving beast. An endless sinkhole of precious valuables; the playground for blood-thirsty power seekers. Only one thing feeds its hunger like no other…human life.

A sinister criminal ring has descended on the small town of Norton Springs, instilling fear in the residents. A vicious wave of disappearances coupled with the gut-wrenching horror of infants being ripped from the arms of their helpless mothers has the town quaking in terror.

When Gabe Thornton strolls back into his hometown, his main goal is to claim the one woman that has always denied her feelings for him—Nora Jacobs. The last thing he expects is to be thrust into a storm of devastation and chaos. Will his strength be enough to save them from the dark souls that threaten to destroy their chance at happiness?

Broken futures. Shattered dreams. Mind-numbing loss. When your heart has been ripped away from you—how do you find the will to go on?

No one is safe. Everything you thought you knew is about to change in this second installment in The Darkness Series.

What it's all about

Gabe and Nora and Brooke and Red and Marcus and Theo and Brady and eve more people. A lot of people, in a small town where. Women and Children are going missing. This a dark read. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

What I thought

I have no clue where to start here. Im so confused by my feelings about this book. On the one hand it's dark and super effed up and I LOVE that, but on the other hand there were some parts that really irritated me and that has left me conflicted. So let me break it down.

The whole Gabe and Nora thing didn't blend with me at all. I didn't feel the love and passion I was meant to feel by their intense feelings for one another and that was only sealed by the ending. SURELY she should know!!!
"Gabe hid his grin. She was getting comfortable in his presence again and he couldn't have been more thrilled with their progress"

It was great to see Brady again however briefly, he was a nice bit of consistency! He comes to town with his knowledge of the darker side of things, to help out Gabe / Theo and the local police try to figure out what is going on. Where are these women and babies and who is behind it. 

Another bit I actually liked (which I don't think i'm meant to like, but I do) is the dynamic between Marcus and Brooke. I didnt see that coming, but the bit where she buried her face his shirt, something shifted in me and I was suddenly a bit more interested. 
"Milo went too far in his lesson. I should have stopped him sooner, beautiful girl"

Things I don't like were small things, but they built. Like there was a line about "the rumbling of a trucks engine rumbled in the distance" and i'm not sure why, but it really bothered me! there where a few other times when the writing just didn't work for me. But hey, that's just my opinion. 

My biggest bugbear though was the ending. I disliked it a lot. It didn't feel dark and dangerous and a twist leading us into the third book. It felt like a copout. Like the author just went down that avenue for shock value with no real justification. But that's the risk you take with dark reads. 

On an entirely different point. does anyone know what the deal was with Greta?
"I'm sorry miss. Truly. Now, let's get you dressed. That will make you feel better won't it?"

Star Ratings:

Plot = 4/5
Characters = 3.5/5
Heat = 3.5/5
Writing Style = 3/5
Overall Rating = 3.5/5

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