Monday, March 7, 2016

REVIEW - Alexa Loved - T.R. Cupak

TITLE - Alexa Loved (Alexa #2)
AUTHOR - T.R. Cupak


After her parents died during her senior year of high school, Alexa Morgan is completely alone in the world—except for her best-friend-turned-boyfriend Devin, identical twins Becca and Jessa, and Sebastian, a mysterious associate of her father’s. 

Upon graduation, Alexa wants nothing more than to move on with her life, go to college, and forget all the hard and hurtful things from her tragic past. But when her first love, Ethan, shows up at her graduation—it kicks off a whirlwind of events that threatens the good and stable things she’s worked so hard to achieve.

Ethan and Alexa shared one night of passion before he disappeared, leaving her bewildered and confused. But now he’s back, declaring that he loves her and that the only reason he left was to protect her from his malicious stepmother, Olivia. 

In her heart, Alexa knows she loves Devin, but her attraction to Ethan is so strong she can’t help but be drawn in by their shared chemistry. Meanwhile, the threat of Olivia lurks around the edges, casting a menacing shadow over everything and everyone Alexa loves.

My Review:

This is Cupak’s second novel. I thought her first one was killer for a first time author. This time she blew me away. I never saw half of what happened in Alexa Loved coming. There was a new surprise around every corner. I couldn’t catch my breath or relax because there was always something going against Alexa.

In Alexa Crushed we lived the loss of Alexa’s parents, her falling in love with the bad boy next door, Ethan, his disappearing act, and last but not least her mixed feelings where her best friend Devin was concerned. She went from a child to an adult within a short amount of time.

In Alexa Loved you start off right where book one ended. Only this time she knows where her and Devin stand. Alexa is happy for the first time since her parents death. Until Ethan comes storming back into her life. 

With the arrival of Ethan, Alexa’s life and safety are thrown up into the air. She knows she’s not safe. Which leads for Sebastian to step in and take care of everything. With all of the uncertainties going on around her, she knows she can trust him without a doubt.

Like with all books, in Alexa Loved we gain new characters. I will only mention Jeremy. He is exactly what Alexa needs. He doesn’t go after her romantically, he just slips into brother mode when she’s around. He is there and will always be there for her.

Alexa Loved, obviously had love in it, but it also has death, pain, and just barely getting by. The emotions are spot on. When Alexa is struggling you feel it all around you. I can't even try to describe to you how great of a book Alexa Loved is without giving too much of it away. It’s a book you have to just read and when you do it's gone before you know it.

The question is, who does Alexa love? Is it Ethan, Devin, or someone new? 
What happened to the SD Card? 
Is she safe? 
Does she get her HEA? 
Alexa Loved answers all those questions.

Star Ratings:

Plot- 4/5
Heat- 3/5
Character- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5


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