Tuesday, May 30, 2017

REVIEW - Demon Ember - M.J. Haag

TITLE - Demon Ember

AUTHOR - M.J. Haag & Becca Vincenza

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Releases June 20th


Mya’s world is falling apart. After a series of earthquakes, deadly animals with glowing red eyes begin attacking people and start the spread of a zombie-like plague. Safety is just a memory as she tries to make her way home. When a different creature attacks the people helping her reach Oklahoma City, Mya is sure she’ll never see the light of another day.

Despite his eerie yellow eyes and very sharp teeth, the grey-skinned creature is more intelligent and humanlike than he first appears. He’s determined to keep Mya by his side and protect her from the new world’s dangers. When his path starts taking her further away from home, she much choose between safety and her family.

*Part 1 of 3


This is nothing like anything I have ever read before. Demon Ember is such a refreshing paranormal story. It has a resemblance to the zombie takeover and the world ending. It has mystery and fear along with hope. I loved this book.

The plot of this book is so new for me. A normal college girl gets her world shook when strange things start happening around the world. Then it starts happening close to her. Her one goal is to make it to her family and get them to safety. The question is will she make it in time? Add in one of the creatures' fascination with Mya, our main character, and you get a wonderfully written novel.

Mya is our main character. She's a college girl who seems to be smart and resourceful. She is resilient as well. I love her character and how she puts the puzzle pieces together. Then we have Drav. He is the other main character. He is a male, but his species is not human. He is an interesting character on his own. He takes a special interest in Mya and I think he knows what's going on.

There isn't much heat in this book in the physical sense. I think this story is more about easing fears and learning to trust. I think it shows that with a little bit of faith, things can change for the better. I think the main theme between the characters is friendship in unlikely places.  

The writing style of this book is brilliant. This book is told from a single point of view which is Mya's. We learn a lot about this new world from what she hears and sees. I also love all the descriptions used in the book. The author did an amazing job describing these "hell hounds" and "grey men." The author has a way of telling this story so that I truly felt I was living it with the character. There were many times I was mentally screaming at Mya to run or stop what she was doing. It takes a special storyteller to do that for readers.

Overall, I am in love with this new story. I devoured it in one sitting. I just didn't want to put it down. I had a book hangover when I was done and I think I might die waiting for the next book. I cannot wait to recommend this book to others.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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