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REVIEW - Above and Beyond - Kathryn Shay

TITLE - To Serve and Protect

AUTHOR - Kathryn Shay

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Releases June 13th


A family of heroes, all in dangerous jobs, all irrevocably tied to those they love. Read about the Marino clan in this fast-paced, emotional new series, To Serve and Protect, by NYT bestselling author Kathryn Shay. 

Nick Marino is the top guy on POTUS’s Secret Service detail. But he’s temporarily sent to upstate New York to guard the president’s sister, Isabelle Barton, who is being threatened in anonymous notes. There, Nick becomes involved with the widowed mom and twin boys, who quickly win over what he thought was his hardened heart. Amidst the heightened anxiety of tracking down the threats, the constant vigilance and an ever-growing sexual attraction between Isabelle and Nick, these two people must uncover not only the plot against her, but determine what to do about their impossible romance. 

ABOVE AND BEYOND provides a deep dive into the life of a Secret Service agent and a close look at being related to the most powerful man in the world, along with the glamor of Washington, D.C. politics. The story will keep you interested and capture your heart.


“Suspense with a side of love, 4 stars”

Nick has one goal and one goal only to become a Director of the Secret Service. The closest thing to a family man he is being close to his parents and siblings, otherwise he doesn’t do relationships. They are a conflict of interest with his job. But when he spends a little time with Isabelle the POTUS sister that may change.

Isabelle is a widow with two twin boys. Her life hasn’t been easy between the death of her husband and always having a target on her back because of her brother. When threatening notes start to show up at home and at her business she knows it’s time to tell her brother. When her Secret Service detail shows up she has a few demands, will those demands work or will they put her and her children’s lives in danger?

Nick and Isabelle have a decent relationship throughout the story. There were times when she was the head strong female and he was all alpha. My only issue was, I didn’t get as much of the romantic feelings as I wanted out of the two. They were both very affectionate people with others, except each other. I know they were stuck between a rock and a hard place and no one could know, but I just didn’t connect with them when no one was around.

Nick is a diehard family man when it comes to his siblings and parents. His siblings play a huge roll in this story which I thought was fantastic. Isabelle and her sons really did just fall into the sync with the Marino’s. The suspense was spot on where the romance lacked. You could become invested in finding out who was after sweet Isabelle. If you’re looking for a quick suspense with a side of romance then I would go with Above and Beyond.

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 4/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

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