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REVIEW - The Hookup Cafe - Fifi Flowers

Hookup Café (6 Book Series) by  Fifi Flowers Maxwell  Anthony

TITLE - The Hookup Cafe (6 novellas)

AUTHOR - Fifi Flowers


A set of 6 novellas The blurbs are as follows:

Monday: Tall, Dark, & Aromatic

When I started Poetry Night on Mondays at my café, Cafélicious, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find myself listening to panty-dropping words about me read by a Tall, Dark & Aromatic poet... meet Basil!

"I was certain that no one had ever enchanted me like Basil--he was one of a kind--and he scared me a little. And I didn't know if I was ready to be pollinated." 

Tuesday: Double Shot

Tuesday was by far the best day of the week--Delivery Day! Early mornings before anyone arrived I got my supplies and then some... Giving a whole lot of meanings to the words customer service and A Double Shot... meet Avery!
"I like my coffee the same way I like my liquor; with a double shot. Hit me! Make it knock my socks off." I'd like to knock off a hell of a lot more than his socks again! Hopefully on the following Tuesday.

Wednesday: With Lots of Cream

Welcome to Open Mic Wednesday I announced as a gorgeous man close to the stage sporting sexy arm tats blurted out With Lots of Cream and had me so baffled that I forgot to introduce the first performer and belted out my own song staring straight into his clear blue eyes... meet Nate!

"Sorry about that a... kiss. I'm Evie, by the way."
"Nate," he replied with a grin. "I'd shake your hand but I like your greeting better." 

Thursday: Bold, Rich, & Strong

He said he first noticed me on a Thursday morning. I noticed him when he asked me if I was named after a one-night stand my mother had with a stranger. He said I liked that he was Bold, Rich & Strong... I wasn't sure if he was right or if I wanted to slap him... meet Deacon!

"Saylor, were your ears burning last night? Because I was boldly moaning your name in the shower."

Friday: Laced with Spice

Not wanting to take a chance that my mystery man through a new blind dating service was a dud or worse, I had him meet me at Cafélicious where they were able to check him out and signal Laced with Spice for me to show up... meet Mason!

"Ha! You don't know me very well." 
"I have a feeling I could put you in your place." 
"Ooh la la, bring it on." 

Saturday: Light, Full-bodied, & Screwed

There should be rules in place when beautiful women sit at counters where chefs are trying to create dishes that are edible or maybe they should be restricted altogether... I'm not sure, I just know her speech one Saturday night about wines had me thinking of her as Light, Full Bodied & Screwed.... yes, where she was concerned I was screwed... meet Darla!

"I wanted to do nothing more than to please her--only my thoughts had nothing to do with food or wine and a whole lot to do with sheer pleasure."


Monday: Tall Dark & Aromatic
This story is about Pansie who owns Cafélicious. Her cousin Marzi helps out. All of her employees call her place Hookup Café.   Then one morning, a scraggy man who smelled good walked in and Pansie couldn’t get whoever he was out of her mind.
At open mic he finally said his name was Basil. He wrote a poem. Basil owned a Garden Center. They both were attracted to each other. It was really intense but filled with passion.
The author is a new to me and let me tell you that I was immersed right at the beginning. This is a standalone but there are 5 other books in this series.    The writing was great, the setting was neat and the characters were described well.   I would definitely  recommend this book to others.

Parts of the story I liked:

While reading at the 89% mark I liked what was happening.
“Excuse me, but could I get a cup of coffee. I know I shouldn’t even be in here. I truly apologize. Just plain dark roast is all I need. Nothing fancy. Just tall, dark and aromatic”
“Most of the best things in life are worth the wait.”
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall Rating- 4/5

~ ~ ~
Tuesday: A Double Shot

This story is about Marzipan or Marzi for short. She does the baking in the café.   Her and Pansie outlined everything needed for the kitchen and shop and Marzi felt like a kid in a candy store while shopping for equipment.     Then one day she saw a hot man sitting at a table. There was an instant raw connection between them.  He said his name was Mike and he was the delivery guy that delivered stuff to the café Tuesday mornings.    Marzi has never burnt anything in her life but she did 1 time thinking about him. He was distracting her. Then one day he confesses his name isn’t Mike that it’s Avery and he owns the restaurant supply company.     
I really liked how they brought up their parents and they both have Mom’s that in the public eye and that nobody’s family is perfect.       Avery had great delivery service.   This one was more on the emotional side as it had a great plot that had so many feels!    This is also a standalone, but I would read them in order.

Parts of the story I liked:

“Sounds great! I like my coffee the same way I like my liquor; with a double shot. Hit me! Make it know my socks off.”
“She picked Marzipan because you were the sweetest treat ever to her and Rose after the baby I had just lost.”
I loved the ending and this is probably one of my favorites out of the 6 books in this series!

Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall rating- 5/5

~ ~ ~ 

Wednesday: With lots of Cream
This is about Evie who wants to check out open mic night on Wednesdays at Café. She loves music, it’s actually her passion and she wants to get a job helping out. Pansie hires her.  One day she sees a gorgeous guy with tattoos. His name is Nate and he owns a tattoo shop.    Evie also likes fashion. Nate also loves music and low and behold they are perfect for each other.
I liked the chemistry between Evie and Nate.   The way they didn’t find out who they were really until met her parents was just fun to just picture it.
This is a standalone.  

Parts of the story I liked:

Towards the ending.
“Draw from your own life’s experiences or borrow from life going on around you…”
“Lost in the moment composing our own rhythm, lyrics, melody, we harmonized beautifully in a perfect tempo;  slow dance to begin, followed by a frenzied cadence to hit a synchronized coda-an erupting finish.”

Characters- 5/5
Writing Style-5/5
Overall Rating- 5/5

~ ~ ~
Thursday: Bold, Rich & Strong

This story is about a 29 year old woman named Saylor who is the barista at the Café. She has been employed for 2 years.  A gorgeous man came to the café on a regular basis that she nicknamed “Slick” his name was Deacon and he owns a body builder gym.   Well one day Deacon got hurt so Saylor took him to see his father. Her father asked what his intentions are with his daughter. Deacon’s answer shocked Saylor.  Obviously she cared for him and knew she felt something for him , was it love?  Deacon liked Saylor for a while from the moment he saw her. 
This is a quick read and a standalone.  I really liked how much detail the author puts into the story.

Parts of the story I liked:

“You know you like me…want me…I’m bold, rich and strong.”
“Don’t be left to flourish on your own. Instead, seek the unruly and unthinkable solution.”

Characters 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall Rating- 5/5

~ ~ ~
Friday: Laced with Spice

This story is about Vivienne who owns the salon near the Café. Her life was set, she loved what she did, she owned Salon Luxe but she didn’t have a love life. So she decided to do online dating and filled out information and went on a blind date at the Café.  She went on a date with Mason. Oh my was he hot. He worked in communications. The chemistry between these two- you need a fan to cool off! Mason told her that he owns the dating site and that he wanted to try it out and he was his first pick also. As the story progresses you see the kinda confusing state Vivienne is in but the ending is a hea.

Parts of the story I liked:

When Mason took her to Paris
“From the moment you started arguing with me when I tried to pay you a compliment by saying you were stunning.”

Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4.5/5
Writing Style -5/5
Overall Rating 4.5/5

~ ~ ~

Saturday: Light Full Bodied & Screwed

This story is about Vin who is the full time chef at the Café. He loved cooking ever since he was a young boy.  Then there is Darla who he liked and smelled amazing. She was flirting with him during the wine tasting event at the Café. He was attracted to Darla but didn’t thing going out with someone that came to the Café was a good idea. The two of them made a great team. They made each other feel good.

Parts of the story I liked:

Darla being part of the book world.
“You really should think before you speak. You never know when someone might hold you to your outbursts.”
“She is so into you. Make a move. She will float your boat full of wine.”
“Darling of the Beauclaire Vineyard”

Writing Style -5/5
Overall rating-5/5

Overall Rating of entire series:

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