Tuesday, May 30, 2017

REVIEW - Battle of the Sexes - Adriana Locke

TITLE - Battle of the Sexes
AUTHOR - Adriana Locke

Available June 6th


Carver Jones’ partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He’s absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay?

When word reaches his fancy corner office that Gallum is replacing himself with his daughter, Amity, Carver is ecstatic. 

For real this time. 

Jones squashes men in the business industry flat. A woman? Pfst. He’ll be completely in charge in no time, doing whatever he wants. He’s so ready for this. 

But is he ready to fight the hardest fight of his life? No, not the one to maintain control of his company. The one to keep control of his heart.

The battle may begin in the boardroom, but the war will definitely be won in the bedroom. May the best sex win.


“Enemies to lovers, 5 stars”

I will be the first to admit I don’t like novellas. I always want more out of them and I’m never satisfied. Well that isn’t the case when it comes to Battle of the Sexes. Yes, it’s a fast pace story, that’s somewhat insta-love but at the same time it’s not. Yes, I wanted more but I wasn’t screaming at my phone for more. I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them, but I was satisfied with where the story went.

 Carver and Amity grew up together. They were those friends that were friends because their parents were tight. But after over hearing something she shouldn’t have Amity removed herself from Carver and they’re group of friends and started over.

This is the story of Amity coming back to where it all began for her and at the same time finding love. A love no one would have seen coming. She always had a small crush on Carver, but knew it would never amount to anything, or that’s the vibe I got. 

Carver always had a thing for Amity because she was deeper than the other girls he knew. She could have a conversation outside of gossip which was nice. But she took off and has been doing her own thing.

Now Amity and Carver are thrown together fighting for the title of CEO of the company their dads built together. Who is more qualified? Who has more passion for the job? It’s a battle of the sexes between these two. Their ideas are polar opposite along with their personalities, but didn’t you know opposites attract.

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5

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