Tuesday, May 2, 2017

REVIEW - Chance Encounters - Jessica Prince

TITLE - Chance Encounters
AUTHOR - Jessica Prince

Releases 11th May


There are three kinds of nerdy women in the world.

- The Sexy Nerd
- The Confident Nerd; and
- The So-Socially-Awkward-it’s-Painful-to-Watch Nerd.

You can probably guess which one I am. After witnessing me making a fool of myself, Chance Hoffman decided to take pity on me. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and totally out of my league… and for some unexplainable reason, he wants to help me. Who am I to say no? Besides, I need all the assistance I can get.

There are three things that make a woman irresistible.

- Confidence
- A Wicked Sense of Humor; and
- A Killer Rack.

Melany Fitzgerald had none of those things. Or so I thought… until I really got to know her. She’s the total package and she doesn’t even realize it. Now I’m stuck with the uncomfortable task of helping her land another guy, all the while trying to ignore the fact that I’m starting to fall for her. 

She thinks she’s an ugly duckling and wants to become a swan. All I want is her. And I’m not giving up without a fight.


“Chance finally gets his chance, 5 stars”

Now if you’ve been reading Prince for a while you’ve known about Chance, and if you haven’t then that’s okay. Chance is the misfortunate soul who somehow ends up liking females who are completely and totally unavailable. He is always in the dreaded friend-zone, but he is awesome about it. Which has made us die hard Prince fans waiting with baited breath to see if his happily ever would ever get written. Well it did.

Chance is a good looking attorney who is basically just waiting for Miss. Right. He’s sweet, romantic, and an all round swoon worthy dude. When he sees a slightly awkward girl at his ex’s engagement party he can’t help but find out her story. The minute he meets Melany he knows there is more than what meets the eye. But once again he settles with the fact he will most likely be friend-zoned…or will he? Chance helps Melany find out who she really is, pushes her to see that she really is beautiful, all the while wanting her heart for himself.

Melany has had the definition of a rough life. It’s one pathetic story after the next. Your heart really goes out to her because seriously no one deserves the amount of bad luck the chick has had. Due to life she is withdrawn and really doesn’t know how to talk or act around people, making conversations extremely awkward. Much like her first encounter with Chance. But good old Chance doesn’t see it that way, he finds her intriguing. When Chance apologizes for a misunderstanding it sets off a whole chain of events that end up with the two in love. But does Melany want his love or that of another mans?

Take this wildly funny cringe-worthy journey with Chance and Melany. Once again Prince leaves us sighing with happiness for another couple. The road isn’t paved for these two but the bumps and turns will be worth it. Plus, if you’ve read Prince before you get peeks of our favorite Locklaine couples. 

Here are a couple quotes from Chance Encounters I really enjoyed;

“I was going to do anything and everything I could to insinuate myself into her life as someone she eventually came to depend on. Once I achieved that, I’d make my move.”

“She stood up, smiled sweetly over her shoulder, and that insane, feral desire to take her surged through my bloodstream.”
“Real life is so much better than a fairy tale.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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