Friday, October 13, 2017

REVIEW - Loving Storm - Carian Cole

TITLE - Loving Storm
AUTHOR - Carian Cole 


I met him in a snowstorm...
We spent forty-eight hours trapped in the back of his pickup truck.
We fought.
We touched.
We fell.

She literally crashed into my life...
The last thing I wanted was a relationship. Especially with a quirky chick who drove me insane. But something about her got under my skin, and into my heart.
And I had to have her.
All of her. 

Falling in love in the back of a truck, just the two of us, was easy.
Dealing with psycho fans, jealous exes, and demons from the past....not so easy.

Loving Storm is a fast-paced novella that gives an extended look into Storm and Evie's future. It is best read after reading Storm (and also Vandal, Lukas, and Talon, as those characters will have short cameos in this book). 

Jennifer's Review:

We needed this! Loving Storm is exactly what fans needed to feel like the story is complete. This novella was amazing! It is sweet and heartwarming, while also having heat to steam up the book in just the right places. Not only do we get to catch up with Evie and Storm, but we also get to check in on other characters in this series and also the Devil’s Wolves series. I hope the author continues to write these novellas to tie up everyone’s stories. 

The plot of this novella is really to just tie up loose ends. Readers love knowing how the happily ever really ends. I think Carian did an amazing job of doing this for her readers. She includes some small conflicts while also not giving up the wonderfulness that is Storm and Evie. These two really made me fall in love with Carian’s writing so I am glad to see she kept with them.

The characters are written really well. I love that the author did not lose the essence of these characters. Evie is still a bit shy, but also breaking out of her shell even more. I also love how the author tied many parts of their original story into this novella. Storm is also just as hot as before, but we also get to learn more about him in this novella. There were parts that we only knew some of, but this story really opened up his whole background. 

There is some heat in this book. These two characters were explosive in their first book and that has not died down. I have to say one of the funniest, but then hottest scenes I have read is in this book. Let’s just say it involves Evie in a car, which if you read the first book, you already know that is asking for trouble. I love the chemistry these two still have even after having been together for a long time.

The writing style of this book matches the first book perfectly. I love that the author went more heartwarming in this book. I was really worried she would amp up the conflict, but am happy to say that the conflict does not overshadow the characters relationship with each other. I love the pace of this novella. It is a bit faster, but I feel it was needed. I also love the use of time jumps so we can clearly see what is happening in these characters lives.

Overall, I loved this novella. It is what we needed to feel like Storm and Evie are doing what us as readers were hoping they were doing. I really do hope Carian decides to do this for Lukas, Vandal, and of course, my absolute favorite, Talon.  I would love to see them get their happy endings as well. I think this story really shows readers how life continues to move and change. The story never really ends.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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