Monday, March 19, 2018

REVIEW - Bourbon & Bonfires - Andrea Johnston

TITLE - Bourbon & Bonfires

AUTHOR - Andrea Johnston

Released March 23rd


Landon Montgomery has suddenly found himself the lone bachelor in his group of friends. With a new career handed to him and a string of unsuccessful blind dates behind him, Landon is ready to search for love. A chance meeting and immediate attraction have him wondering if things are about to turn around or if he’s stuck in the single life forever.

Addison Sinclair thought she had it all – a loving husband, perfect son, and fulfilling career. Four years after her husband broke up their family she’s still not sure if a second chance at love is in her future. One casual encounter and a few misunderstandings later, Addy must decide if love the second time around is worth the risk, especially when your son’s heart is on the line too.

Like the crackling flames of a bonfire, Landon and Addy will learn that sometimes fire and passion are simply the gateway to forever.

Johnaka's Review:

“Accept the unexpected, 5 stars”

Landon never really thought about settling down until all his buddies did and now it’s kind of at the front of his mind. But when you’re from a small town your pickings are a little small. When he meets his buddie’s sister he knows he likes her but she’s not from there. Then when she moves to town its basically game on, but there will be some obstacles in the way.

Addison’s marriage was less to be desired and since it ended her ex has been nothing but crummy to their teenager son. When his rebellion gets to be more than she can handle she moves close to her brother for a little help. Little did she know she would be getting more help from the guy she’s been crushing on for a while. Only problem is she’s older and knows she can’t give him what he deserves. Will Addison fight them until the end or will she cave and find love?

I love how Landon accepted Addison’s son even before he really made his play for her. Those two made a bond all on their own. The three of them together were great and they were basically playing house before she even realized it. But what will happen when Addison’s ex tries to slide into the picture? One-click and find out.

Star Ratings:
Writing style- 5/5

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