Tuesday, December 4, 2018

REVIEW - Fury Freed - Melissa Haag

TITLE - Fury Freed (Of Fates and Furies #3)
AUTHOR - Melissa Haag


While preparing to leave Uttira after graduation, Megan finds the Book of Fury. The answers she's needed about who she is, her purpose, and her powers have been there the whole time, along with a shocking revelation. Now, it's not just a matter of finding Megan's mother. Megan must find the two preceding generations as well, because the book is clear on one thing: there can only be three furies.

Jennifer's Review:

What a fan-flipping-tabulous ending to an amazing series. Fury Freed is the last book in the Of Fates and Furies trilogy. I loved every jaw-dropping, adrenaline filled part of this book. The world that has been created leaves my mind open to the countless possibilities of what can happen in this universe. I cannot express how much I truly loved this book enough.

The plot of this book is great. This is the last book in a trilogy so it is safe to say all the questions about the main characters will be answered. I will say it did open up a lot of questions for some minor characters and their stories, but the plot of this book did its job. I feel happily satisfied with the way this story ended.

The main characters in this book were amazing as always. Megan is such a strong and resilient character. This series has really been about her journey, but I especially loved this books perception of her. I felt like this was a character I could look up to. Then you have Oanen. We have seen one side of him, but this book really opens up this new side to him. This is a side of him I really wanted and was beyond glad we got to see.

The heat in this series has been perfect. I felt the heat has progressively and organically increased, but not so much that this book wouldn’t be considered safe for young adults. The chemistry between the characters is exactly what this book needed. I really enjoyed this aspect of this book.

The writing style is on point as always. The pace of this book is steady. The story is told from a single point of view. The minor characters are just as endearing as the main characters. This world has become one of my favorites to lose myself in.

In conclusion, I really loved this entire trilogy. The author really left this world open to our imaginations. She could really go anywhere next. It is safe to say that I would recommend this book to others

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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