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Release Blitz & Reviews - Jackal's Pride - Michelle Gross

Title: Jackal's Pride
Series: Seven Deadly Series: Book Two
Author: Michelle Gross
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2018

Despite a near catastrophe, there’s time for a fateful encounter.

Maureen Reaper, eldest daughter of the revered Grim Reaper, avoided an apocalyptic vortex which threatened humanity, but she still has time for bets. She can’t help it thanks to her curse—the sin of pride. Her latest one brings her face-to-face with an entity no one has seen or heard from for thousands of years.

Jackal, an entity created by the Devil himself, has never known the comprehension of emotions until the day a witch cursed him to feel for everything he has killed. Unable to bear the new burden of a heavy heart, he sleeps with no intention of ever waking until someone finds him.

There’s nothing beautiful in their meeting. Enemies by birth, only more so when Maureen straps a collar around his neck all for a bet. She awakens a beast whose every first—every new glare, new craving, and touch has landed upon her.

Then she learns that the one she sought out in a game controlled by pride could be the very one that helps turn the tide back in the Reapers’ favor.

But that’s the thing…

Pride is a bitch, and Maureen is her.

Beckie Bookworm - “This one gets a sure hell yeah from my camp”

Goodreads Review - “I fell into the story and didn’t want to come up. I hope, I pray, that Gross gives us book three soon because I need more NOW.”

BookedMercy - “I was genuinely blow away by this book. It’s hard to find a good paranormal book so I was pleasantly surprised when reading this gem.”

Johnaka's Review:

“Setting pride aside, 5 stars”

Maureen’s sin is pride and it sometimes gets the best of her. When she took on a bet, she knew she would win. What she didn’t know is that finding Jackal would set off a chain of events. Is she in over her head? Will she submit to Jackal or will her pride keep her from doing so?

Jackal has been asleep and all he wants to do is go back to sleep. But there is something about Maureen that calls to him. Once he figures it out its game over. Jackal doesn’t know how to lose and always gets what he wants. Will he get Maureen?

I feel like I have waited forever for Jackal’s Pride! I loved the story not just the love aspect between our couple but also the scenes with Maureen and her family. I fell into the story and didn’t want to come up. I hope, I pray, that Gross gives us book three soon because I need more NOW.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

Jennifer's Review:

GIVE ME MORE! Like NOW! Jackal’s Pride is just amazing as book one in this series. The imagination and ingenuity is amazingly clever. This author has not only created a story, but they created a whole world that I am dying to know more about. Not only was this story amazing, but she set it up perfectly for the next story. If you like fantasy and romance, then you better get you this book now. You will regret it if you wait any longer.

The plot of this story is astonishing. There is the main plot that started in book one, but this story also has its own plot. This follows one of the reaper siblings who have been cursed. This specific character has been cursed with the sin of pride. The way the author is able to weave a tale that spans books, yet also tell us the story of each individual is inspiring. 

Maureen is cursed. She is so prideful that it was actually painful to read from her point of view at times. I really wanted to shake her and maybe smack her around a bit. It was perfect though. Her character really encompassed her sin, yet also showed that you are not only one thing. Then you have Jackal. He also proved that you create your own destiny. He is a special character with which I really enjoyed.

Do you like heat? If you do, then this book is for you. I mean you have two beings of another world. If that doesn’t scream HOT then I do not know what does. Add in the fact that the first meeting between these two is not as smooth as one would hope, and you have the recipe for an amazing chemistry.

The writing style of this book is great. The pace is steady. The story is told from a dual point of view. We get to meet and see other characters. What I think I loved most about this story is that there are many twists and turns. Most that I didn’t even see coming. That is an accomplishment on its own.

Overall, I freaking floved this book. Seriously, this book is amazing. I highly suggest this book to others who enjoy a good fantasy/paranormal novel. This series will suck you in and leave you begging for more. I am in awe of this series and cannot wait for the next one.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Michelle is from a small town in Eastern Kentucky where opossums try to blend in with the cats on the porch and bears are likely to chase your pets—this is very true, it happened with her sister’s dog. Despite the extra needed protection for your pets, she loves the mountains she calls home. She has a man and twin girls who are the light of her life and the reason she’s slightly crazy.
As a kid, she was that cousin, that friend, that sister and daughter, the talker who could spin a tale and make-believe into any little thing so it was no surprise when she found love in reading, and figured all these characters inside her head needed an outlet. They wanted to be heard, so she wrote.
The voices keep growing faster than she gets the time to write. 
The stories are never going to end. That’s perfectly okay, though. We never want to stop an adventure. 
She writes and loves many different genres so sign up to her mailing list to keep updated on her releases!


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