Friday, June 27, 2014

Review - Abandon (Shattered Hearts #3.5) - Cassia Leo


I'll start this review by saying, Cassia Leo is fast becoming one of my favourite authors lately. After reading Black Box and being completely blown away. I jumped to read this book. 
Abandon tells the story of Senia and Tristan. This book is a spin off from the Shattered Hearts series. It does say it is a standalone and you don't need to have read the other books first. Which was good as I hadn't, but I did find myself wishing I had. I would of liked to know more about Chris and Claire and their story. Although they crop up loads in this book, what happened with them is only hinted at. It doesn't make reading Abandon hard or anything, on the contrary I loved this book.
It had the true emotional pull, that I see being Cassia Leo's amazing style. The characters are honest and generally have their own fair share of hurt and bad luck. The shock factor that seems to be another trademark, was also present and strong in this story. These true and gritty stories are what always move me and have me welling up so many times. 
Tristan starts off like a stereotypical band member. He plays base, bags of confidence and money, and gorgeous to boot. He of course knows it, and works it perfectly. Until he bumps in to Senia. 
Senia is the best friend of his best friend's girlfriend (yep I had to think that one through) Claire. She has been unlucky in love in he past and needs some good luck. They have passed each other many times. Even got close a few times, but something always got in the way. Fate maybe? On the 3rd time they attempt to try anything, it happens. That just starts off a sequence of events then, that bring the pair of them firmly into each other's lives. 
I do love fate and things happening for a reason or being connected in some way, this book has some of those elements intertwined with everything else that is happening. Which is what I loved about Black Box. 
Ultimately Tristan has gone full circle in this story. He has had hideous things happen to him when he was younger, that could make him someone awful. Yet Senia breezing back in to his life a third time, makes him a completely different person. Who can handle all the bad things that have happened, and continue to happen. 
This story really is beautiful, and shows just how things can work out in life, even when some of the worst luck has already been dished out. Another emotional and gut wrenching yet beautiful story. 

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