Monday, June 2, 2014

Review - Black Box - Cassia Leo


**I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

OMG! I started his late last night and just finished up now. My brain & heart are 100% frazzled! 
Mikki and Crush, fate literally brought these two together, 3 times!! 3 TIMES! Wow! He saved her life 3 Times. She saved his life once perhaps twice, depending on how you look at it. 
Two people brought together through pain, suffering, darkness and loneliness. Fate literally threw them together at their darkest times. Yet, each time they managed to pull each other from those depths in one way or another. It really does make you think about so many things. I love stories that show how, if things that are meant to be, they will be. This is absolutely the ultimate in 'Meant to be - Fate Meddlers' 
Mikki is one of those characters that you just find yourself crying for. Every bad thing that happened to her, there was always more to be had. All the evil, nasty, ugliness that is unfortunately a true reality in this world was thrown at her so many times. She was determined to find a way out, any way she could.
Crush is similar to Mikki in some ways but not at all in others. He lost someone close to him, that he blames himself for. He tries to do the right thing but fate would not have it. He suffers for what happened and tries to find his way out, yet fate intervenes again. Each time bringing him into Mikki's path. 
When the two of them are actually together, it is obvious from the start, they are literally meant to be together. They are so sweet around each other and read each other perfectly. More obviously, they save each other. Allowing themselves to feel and live again. 
I read this book, whilst constantly battling ugly sniffling episodes. The brutal scenes at one point were a harsh vision of the very worst kinds of people. Yet on the reverse of that, you also see the very best in others and the extent some will go to, to protect the ones they love or feel strongly about. 
A complete emotional overload, yet truly satisfying end. I loved this book so much. I am now off to hunt more books by Cassia Leo as this book was my first of hers. Her writing is beautiful. The honest, brutal realities in this story are given a positive end when fate and love is entwined. A perfect mix for an epic read! 5 stars. 

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