Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review - Tattooed Dots (Halo #1) - Kimberly Knight

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

This is the story of Easton and Brooke. I thought when this book started that Easton would be a stereotypical player, he's gorgeous, cocky and an ex model. He knows how hot he is and the affect he has on women. Yet, after a few chapters I really warmed to Easton. He has been through such a lot, and I realise that he was that way before, because he was a little lost and missing something in his life. He is a single dad and co-owns a business. He does amazingly well, yet he hasn't got everything.
Brooke, I loved from the start. Although she is in a relationship with an obvious jerk. She is really funny and quirky yet sweet.
Both Brooke and Easton are roped into a singles cruise by their best friends. It sounds a terrible idea but ends up being the best thing that could happen to the four of them.
Brooke and Easton, obviously see something right from the start in each other, call it fate or soul mate. Whatever it is, it's new, different and changes everything. It makes Brooke realise what she has been missing out on, by staying with her lousy excuse for a boyfriend. With Easton, it makes him realise what his life has been missing out on all this time.
They don't give in to the spark and attraction, but become amazing friends. Yet when they get back from the cruise, everything seems to change. Brooke gets dealt 2 life changing, nasty blows and wants Easton in her life more than ever.
Easton realises his life with his daughter is missing something important, Brooke.
Once they return home, it would seem the book steps up a notch in intensity and seeing Brooke go through everything she has to, to find her happy ever after, is really emotional. I was constantly welling up. I wanted everything to work out for both of them. It really was an eye opener.
I found the title of the book was a mystery, I went through pretty much 95% of the book wondering why it was called that, when there was no Tattoo connection in the story at all. When it was explained near to the end, I thought how perfect it was. Nobody could ever guess the connection and it was the best title ever.
So all in all, I loved this book! It went from being something I thought would be ordinary yet an easy, fun read. To an extraordinary, beautiful yet heart wrenching love story.
4 Stars.

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