Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review - The Unexpected Trilogy - Amity Cross

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

Well, that was one hell of a fiery, charged and unbelievably raw trip. 
This book is originally 3 separate novella length stories, the trilogy put together made this full length book. I was extremely lucky to be able to read this combined edition, if I had been reading them separately, it would of been hard ending the story each time. Those individual parts ended on some shocking bits, and luckily this edition just ran straight through. Which I think made it a smooth and an intense novel in full.
West. Frontman of the band Affliction, is searching for something. Although he seems to have looked in all the wrong places, from booze bottles to drugs to women. He is a mess and lacking some sort of connection in his life.
Blair. Feisty, and wild is looking to escape her self and her life. She tries to do this through meaningless encounters until one such encounter ends up changing everything.
West and Blair seem to be hell bent on riding through life the only way they know how. They are both quite self destructive in totally different ways, yet one thing that links them both is a need. The need to be cared for and wanted for who they really are. Although neither is very good at admitting things. 
Blair tries not to let West in, she runs and hides but this time West wants more and West will fight for her. 
It was such an emotional background, although it was made edgy and raw by the constant heat between them. They bounce off each other with their sharp wit and the tour scene is full on, yet beneath it all they are another couple trying to make things work and there is a lot of things thrown in their path. 
Right from the start I knew it wouldn't be a normal romance with some good sex scenes thrown in. The hard edge and tough attitude of Blair was funny and addictive to follow. She never messes about, she will tell it exactly how it is and that was really refreshing. There is still the intense and smoking hot sex between them, but the atmosphere the rest of the time is still just as charged. 
I loved how different Blair and West were from any characters I have read recently. Especially Blair, I did feel sorry for her, so many times. But I loved just how strong she was and wouldn't take any crap from anyone. It was funny and kept me glued to the story. Of course, fantastic ending! I was gripped right till the last few pages, waiting to see what the outcome would be. I wasn't disappointed, the ending was exactly as I hoped it would be and much more! 
Fantastic Book! Really enjoyed this!  4 Stars. 

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