Monday, June 23, 2014

Review - Entice (Evolve #3) - S.E. Hall

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair me honest review**

Before reading this book, I had never read a book by S.E. Hall. So this was my first book of hers. This was also book 3 in the series, but I was told it could be read as a standalone, no problem.
So, I started Entice and WOW! I couldn't put this book down. I was sucked in to the story of Emmett and Sawyer.
It started off like any regular NA style book and showed Sawyer before Emmett spectacularly danced in to his life. It wasn't long before the captivating writing style and the absolute hilarious wit of Sawyer had me glued to the page.
Sawyer runs the club his friend Dane owns and shares a place with Danes girlfriend Laney. The 'crew' as they are called, are a group of friends who are extremely tight knit. As this is book 3, in the series. Some of the other crew members stories are shown in the previous 2 books. So Emmett, a little, stunning lady falls into Sawyers life in quite a bizarre way, but leaves such an impression on Sawyer, he can't her out of his mind. He tries to find her again to no success. Just one of the ways his friends show how great a friend they all can be, Dane manages to find her and has her interview for a job at the club, working for Sawyer. So begins such an amazing beginning of their story.
When the book began, Sawyer seemed like any other quick witted guy, gorgeous but just a guy. OMG he transformed in to the most incredible guy ever, once he met Emmett. Everything he did for her, and the way in which he did it was perfect. I fell in love with him, for Emmett.
Emmett, tries to resist Sawyer, she has her reasons which we find out later. Yet trying to resist Sawyer, is like trying to resist breathing. It's very tricky!!
With Emmett's quirky and cute attitude and Sawyer's wit and determination. These two are perfect together.
Obviously, there are obstacles and some are harder than others, for them to get through. Yet the way in which they tackle everything and get through it, is sigh-worthy.
There seemed to be something always happening for the duration of the book. No slow parts or boring bits. The amazing writing style captivated me throughout. Making it such an enjoyable yet swift read.
After reading Entice, I'm now hooked on this author and these characters she has created. So first stop for me would be Emerge. Which I'm very excited about. Dane and Laney were just as addictive as Sawyer and Emmett!!
5 Captivating Stars!

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