Monday, June 16, 2014

Review - Finding Freedom (Centre Games #3) - Natalie Gayle

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

I was already familiar to The Centre and this series, after loving Braydon and Rihanna's story in the first book. Although this book is a standalone, I liked how I already knew the background to the Centre and the characters.
Dylan, had been introduced in Finding Trust. So I was aware of him briefly.
Okay, so although another member of the The Centre in this book. This is a totally different story and another really clever plot is played out.
Dylan '"Ice Dragon" Thompson is the mysterious and hot thing in the world of MMA. He's like a machine, nobody can beat him and he is flawless.
Vanessa Aldridge is someone who has practically grown up inside a gym. It's her life and everything that goes on within the gym, she is aware of.
What follows is an extremely clever and detailed story surrounding performance-enhancing drugs and the effects, and danger but also how far people will go to get them and those surrounding the distribution of them. I have never read anything about MMA/gyms/performance related drugs in any stories so I actually l learned so much when reading this book, that's how much detail goes into these books.
The Centre has taken this on as something they can sort out in their mysterious and covert way. The Centre themselves are still such a clever and unique topic, which I loved in Book 1, but I don't want to spoil what the situation there is.
So there begins the connections between the Centre and Vanessa and the Gym she has grown up around and now works in.
What I love about the Centre Games series, is just how unique the stories are. Finding Trust - Book 1, was a totally new and different story from anything I had read before, and Finding Freedom just upped that completely. There is nothing boring or lacking in these stories. Finding Freedom was full on action from page 1. The suspense and action never wavers, there is an incredible amount of key characters that could confuse normally, but the writing style just makes everything so clear that you know who everyone is and what their roles are easily. The only time the action and intense plot takes a slower pace is when there is extremely hot bedroom action, but even those scenes are intense and FULL of action. So maybe the pace doesn't slow at all. Lol Yes, I'll just contradict myself in the excitement of this story.
Even though this was Dylan and Vanessa's story, we still get to follow the rest of the team and it's excellent to be able to see how the other couples from the first 2 books are doing down the line. It's like their story continues still.
The ending was WOW! Just like in Finding Trust. Natalie Gayle has such an amazing way of closing someone's story. It was perfectly done with a huge amount of feel good factor to it. I get this automatic 'Awww that was so sweet' kind of feeling when it finishes. Satisfaction, I would say! She manages to leave everything perfectly concluded.
I'm now more desperate to read Quade and Jazz's story, it's the one I've been waiting for, the tension between those 2 was still huge throughout this book. That's going to be fantastic!
4.5 Stars!

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