Thursday, April 16, 2015

Seraphim Book Review & Dark Seraph Book Blog - Looking for help & available roles.





So, this blog is almost a year old, and I've loved every single minute of keeping it going. Yes, It's been hard at times, when my time has been a bit crazy. But, I'm so glad I started it.
Anyway, it's at the point where it ticks over fine from day to day, but I have taken on some work on other projects etc, and I could do with a little help on this blog now.
I'm firstly looking for a guest reviewer. Someone who perhaps reads similar genres, and books, but can add some reviews, of books that I haven't read, or got around to reading yet. Or even just a different opinion of any I have. All is welcome.
I read fast, but sometimes not fast enough. And sometimes the requests come in quicker, than my busy net time, or real time allows.
My blog covers many different genres, so nothing is struck out. But have a look through my reviews here, or on Goodreads if you prefer, to see what I like.
If you think you would like to have a go, ask me some more questions. Or even throw some suggestions at me, anything is welcome. :)
Click on the below link, which will take you to the list of my social media places, to contact me.
I would love to hear from you! :)


If you aren't up for reviewing, but would love to get involved with a blog. We have a number of roles available on Dark Seraph Book Blog. The promo blog linked to Seraphim Book Reviews. This blog is purely book and author promotion. Anything goes on there!
The roles available include, blog admin, Facebook page admin. Or Social Media Admin, if you wish to take on all connected accounts. To be honest there is an available role for just about anything. So if you only have the time to do a little, there is more than likely a role available for that. But, if you are a social media genius or addict ;) then there is an even bigger role just waiting to be yours. ;) 
Feel free to contact us at any of the places, in the link below. I'm always around and would be happy to have a chat about anything.
Louise. xx


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