Thursday, December 17, 2015

REVIEW - Alpha Wolf's Pet Trilogy by Eva Gordon

Title - Alpha Wolf's Pet Trilogy

Author - Eva Gordon

The Alpha Wolf’s Pet Collection includes the entire trilogy. Each book is a different stage in the romantic relationship between alpha werewolf, Dominic and Mia, his human lover. The danger they face and a twist to the werewolf story. Paranormal steamy romance and page turning suspense.

Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hidden Book 1

Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Kept, Book 2

Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hunted, Book 3

What I Thought

The Alpha Wolf's Pet trilogy follows the fledgling relationship between dominant, alpha, werewolf Enforcer Dominic and human lover Mia.

Mia is in witness protection, as she is providing evidence to bring down a Russian mob known as 'Chess'. She's been in witsec a while but is quite useless at keeping to the terms of it and keeps putting herself back in danger. In her latest move, she is relocated, with her new identity (Mia), to a boho cottage on the edge of a private estate and warned in no uncertain terms to keep herself to herself. No more breaking the rules.

Dominic is the owner of said private estate. He's well built, handsome and is instantly attracted to his new neighbour Mia, but he knows she's lying. As the local packs alpha and a well know enforcer to the hierarch Dominic has to make a difficult choice, take her as his pet and risk whatever she is hiding affecting his pack, or walk away.

He takes the risk and finds out the truth and declares he and his pack will support Mia in eliminating the threat to her life and keep her safe while they do so. But of course things aren't that straightforward. Between them, their enemies are plenty and in a twist I didn't see coming, some of their enemies are also in cahoots.
"From behind her, large gloved hands covered her eyes and pressed her against a thick chest. Her heart soared. Dominic. She whirled around and gasped. 'NO'. "

Packs fight, lives are lost and there are revelations galore. This relationship is never easy for Dom & Mia. Everything around them is crumbling and at times causes them to question their relationship. There are rules regarding human relations and Dom has a predestined mate. It's one thing after another, but like a true alpha, he knows what he wants and he is willing to do battle for it. Taking down every wall that's put in his way. All whilst maintaining some vigorous sexy time with his pet Mia.

I did have some issues with this trilogy, there were some language issues, spelling / grammatical issues etc. and sentences not making sense, but it is still very readable and if you can overlook these issues, its a decent story with a lot of thought and detail gone into the plot, the background and the consistency, and an unexpected helping of humour.

" ' No. My friend Lisa is into vampires. Lisa devours romance novels, she finds vampires sensual.' His wolf's heart slowed. 'Do you?' Like the mythical horror creatures, werewolves loved blood. 'Me? Not that I read that genre, but I've always preferred werewolves over vampires. The look so much better shirtless.' She kissed his blonde chest hairs. 'Team Jacob all the way.' "

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 3.5/5
Heat = 3.5/5
Writing Style = 2/5
Overall Rating = 3/5


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