Saturday, December 12, 2015

REVIEW - Plaything; Volume One - Jason Luke & Jade West

TITLE - Plaything; Volume One

AUTHORS - Jason Luke & Jade West


I’ve been sold. That’s what he tells me. Sold as a rich man’s plaything to the highest bidder. I’m to be shipped to the other side of the world, where I’ll disappear without a trace. I’ve nobody coming after me, nobody who’ll even know I’ve gone.

But I’m no plaything.

I’ve already been rejected for sale once. Not fit for purpose. Too fiery, too uncouth.

Two choices remain. Submit or perish.

They’ve sent in the big guns, him. The dark sheep of the family, and the only man left who stands a chance of taming me.

We’ve both got everything on the line – his business empire, and my very existence.

And time’s ticking…

My Review:

Well this promises to be an incredibly hot and addictive series from Jade West and Jason Luke. 

Plaything Vol 1 is a novella, and the first part to this new collaboration between two of the hottest writers in the erotica/BDSM/dark romance genres. 
I was so excited when I heard about Plaything, it had the potential to be an incredible story, and written by 2 amazing authors just made it even more tempting. 

Volume One kicks off this story and although short, it's action from the very first page, through to the crazy addictive cliffhanger at the end. 
Amy has been abducted by slave traders. She is taken by a cruel man, posing to be interested in her. Taken because she ticked the boxes, making her perfect for training and sold off to the highest bidder. She is taken to his mansion, and kept by him and his father, a family business of sorts. Yet he didn't expect Amy to have such a strong will and determination, and if there is one thing she can still hold onto, when everything else has been taken from her, it's the fact that she will not let him break her. 
Cue Amy being rejected by her buyer for being too wild and willful, and him wanting her sorted out or no deal. 

This is where her captives get desperate, and decide to call in someone who is somewhat of an expert, although he refuses to have anything to do with the business. The illusive other son of the manor. There is reasons why he has returned, and reasons why he can't refuse, but that can all be discovered upon reading. 
Robert has one week to train Amy, and make her want to be a submissive, or he loses everything. 

Great plot, and interesting characters. I love the mystery surrounding it all, even more so when you get to the shock ending. It has started off a story, that I'm desperate to know more. 
The intense heat and chemistry is on fire, and the knowledge gone into the little details in this story is really gripping. You actually find yourself gripped, and learning things at the same time. lol

A little more tamer than I'm used to with Jade's books, but this is a collaboration so it's completely different, and there is a lot more fact and thought to the sort of relationship that is involved in this story, not so much shock factor. Both authors have their own specialities in writing, which you can tell, and they completely compliment each other perfectly, such a great idea for these two to write together. I absolutely loved it, and absolutely can't wait for the next part. Definitely recommended for erotica fans, and darker romance lovers. 

Plot = 5/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat = 4/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 


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