Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 10 List - Ugly Cry

For this weeks Top Ten Thursday, break out the hankies. It's our Top 10 Ugly Cry Books.

Bright Side - Kim Holden - Goodreads
Epic story about love, loss and living life as fully as possible, in the time we have. Full on tear jerker from the very first to the very last page. 

Nine Minutes - Beth Flynn - Goodreads
Dark Biker tale, spanning many years of a girls captivity in 1970's. Stolen at 15, we see her survive some horrible sights, but still manage to come out stronger than ever. Ending was expected, but still incredibly sad.

Discontent - Melissa Haag - Goodreads
 When the world is slowly coming to an end, what sacrifices will be made to win the war?

Unforgettable - Melody Grace - Goodreads
Will true love prevail or will secrets ruin everything?

The Same Deep Water - Lisa Swallow - Goodreads
A story of rock bottom and climbing back out of the dark hole.

Ugly - Margaret McHeyzer - Goodreads
Lily is a broken young woman, who begins mending herself when she meets Trent, but rather than help her shatters her further than you can imagine. You can't help but feel like your on Lily's Journey with her.

Grayson - Lisa Eugene - Goodreads
A nursing student in need of work named Angie, a mentally ill man names Grayson and his extremely selfish son named Charles. Grayson breaks you, then puts you back together. He's just a good guy like that.

Forbidden - Tabitha Sazuma - Goodreads
Yes, they're brother and sister, but Lochan and Maya are so much more. This book somehow has you routing for them to win at life, but their battle has a devastating outcome.

The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton - Goodreads
This wasn't a conventional erotic/bdsm story, and it was quite surprising in how it turned out. But it was huge ugly tears throughout. Beautiful and sad, but completely compelling.

This 2 book story was incredible. Typical Mia Sheridan epic story. Kids brought up in a world away from modern life. Never knowing any different. Never realising how badly they were treated. Truly beautiful people with hearts of gold. Lots of shockers, and gasping. Tears, and sadness. But incredible. 


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