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REVIEW - Catching Maggie (Men of Baseball #2) - Hayley Faiman

TITLE - Catching Maggie (Men of Baseball #2)

AUTHOR - Hayley Faiman


At eighteen years old Marguerite “Maggie”; a girl wishing for a new life was swept off of her feet by the promise of a stable future with a man she had known for just one week. 

Samwell “Sammy” Rogers. Future professional ball player, starting catcher. Years later and in a confusing marriage Samwell is not the man she thought she had married. Secrets are exposed and truths discovered. Maggie catches herself asking if she ever really knew Sammy?

Innocent Maggie finds herself immersed in a world she never imagined existed and while she should be frightened she finds herself feeling anything but, in fact she likes what she sees.

What happens when a husband, career and family get in the way of two people falling for each other? When self-confidence is shattered? 

When two people are ripped apart will they fight to be together or will they simply give up?

This is not a love triangle.

* Recommended for 18+ language, sexual content, and light BDSM. 
This is book 2, a standalone, in the series Men of Baseball. Each book can be read separately but it is encouraged that they are read in order.

My Review:

Catching Maggie is the second book in the Men of Baseball series. I was partially very excited to read this book, but part of me was also worried due to the blurb about the book. With that being said, this book was much better than the first book in the series. I felt that this book did a lot of things that the first book never accomplished.

Catching Maggie follows a character that was introduced in the first book. Marguerite, also known as Maggie, suffers from a tragedy that let a lot a skeletons come out of the closet. It is hard to really give a good overview of this book without revealing any details because within the first chapter of the book, big things happen that would spoil the whole book. All I will say is that this book takes the character in a different direction than the first book did with its character.

I liked a lot about this book. The plot of the book was brilliant and I feel the first book played into this book quite nicely in setting it up. This book is all about Maggie developing as a character. In the first book, she is described as quiet and timid. I really loved to see more about her and where she came from. I also loved watching her develop into a better version of herself. The main male character in this book is also developed nicely. I loved reading from his point of view. I also loved reading more about the minor characters and being thrust into a BDSM world. I do not know much about it, but I felt like I was learning along with some of the characters. I even liked that the sex was cut back a bit in this book.

What I didn’t like about this book was that it seemed like one of the minor characters might be the next to get a book. This character happens to be married and I cannot figure out how the author is going to play this. I don’t really like to see happy couples be broken up, so hopefully the author will do a good job of making the next book likeable for others. I also felt that there wasn’t enough of the baseball aspect in this book. I feel like if there is going to be mention of the sport in the title, it should play a bigger part. Other than that, I actually really enjoyed this book.

Overall, I liked this book. It was a good book and I am glad I gave it a chance even after the first book and confusing blurb. I would recommend this to friends who enjoy reading BDSM. I am curious to see how the next book in the series plays out

Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 3/5
Overall Rating = 4/5


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