Monday, December 28, 2015

REVIEW - Lucky Numbers - GG Carver

Title - Lucky Numbers

Author - G.G Carver



Lucy Eaton had a job she loved as a Teaching Assistant at a Special Needs School and a boyfriend who struggled with commitment issues. Life was good, not great, but good, until one day Lady Luck paid Lucy a visit and a life that most people could only dream of opened up to her. With the creases of every day life ironed out, she could sit back and live the dream.
But what if that dream doesn’t turn out to be what you thought you wanted?
Want and need are two very different things. The head wants, but the heart needs, and as generous and fortuitous as life can be, it can also be incredibly cruel. No one gets to live a creaseless life. That is something Lucy will soon discover.

What I Thought

Lucy is a fairly normal woman, with a fairly normal life. She's in a non relationship with an ex, that's going nowhere thanks to Mark and his foolish ways but she is just plodding along with the everyday. Until suddenly she's not. At a random visit to a Saturday market, Lucy meets the mysterious Lady Lavinia and  receives these "lucky numbers" and it's all change.
"32974615. What the hell could they be? A phone number, or a bank account maybe? Going over everything she had been told, Lucy dissected every sentence, but none of it made any sense. The noise from the market faded back in as she headed into the crowds. Lucy turned to take another look at the old wagon that had tempted her curiosity for so long. Her attempt to satisfy it only served to inflame it more. "

The numbers are not what she thinks they are, but there is a lottery win and winning the lottery obviously changes everything, for good and bad and its no different for Lucy, she hires dad and son duo to help her do up her garden in her new home and this generates whole new relationships and anxieties for everyone involved. With Joseph bringing a whole new breath of life and a whole new set of challenges.

"I'm sorry. It's an affliction I have. I simply can't help but speak my mind when I see a woman I want."

Along with the men stirring up Lucy's life there are the children and the special needs school where she works. And Lucy loves these children, that love goes both ways and these children are great little people, who I have to mention.

Drama & twists. Humour and sorrow, this book takes you through it all.
If ever there was a writer, who could paint a picture with words, It's G.G Carver. His attention to descriptive detail is awesome and yet never over done.

This is a love story, but it's more than love between a man and a woman (although all credit to Mr Carver there, he knows how to write a couple) It's about love between family, friends & self.

Be prepared for the feels.
"He was oblivious to it of course, but to everyone else it was plain to see. He was brave, honest decent and kind. Qualities that shouldn't be so rare in the modern world but sadly were. He had risked his own life with nothing but the tiniest speck of a chance that he might save another."

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat = 3/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 4/5



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