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REVIEW - Forbidden - CD Reiss

TITLE - Forbidden



Everything about Fiona is forbidden.

She’s a party girl with dark desires. 
She’s beautiful, irresponsible, irresistible. 

She’s my patient. 
I’m her therapist.

I’m past past wanting her. Past possessing her. Past bedding her or protecting her. 

I’m willing to be self-destructive, negligent, brave, audacious, and stronger than I ever believed possible.

She’s blunt force trauma to the heart.
And she calls another man Master.

This book contains Kick, Use, and Break from the Perdition Series. It is the ENTIRE STORY with a complete beginning, middle and end.
If you read Kick and Use, Break is easily found in the table of contents, and it's a full length novel.

My Review:

So being a huge fan of CD Reiss, and especially Fiona Drazen. I had to read Forbidden. 
Forbidden is all 3 parts of Songs of Perdition, but put into one continuous book. 
I had already read Kick and Use, and was biting at the bit to get the Break, the final part in Fiona's story. It was a long wait, but more than worth it. 

As it had been a while since I had read Use, I decided to read Forbidden in it's entirety, and refresh myself on the full story. I'm so glad I did, as I loved every minute of it, all over again. 

I'm going to link in my individual reviews of all 3 parts, as I've already reviewed them all that way, so you can read in detail about each one. But I will give a round up, and say a little about this book, in case you have never met Fiona Drazen. 

If this is a series/story that you have not come across as yet, you are really lucky!! You get to start from the beginning and get the whole lot in one go. This story is so incredibly gripping, you wouldn't be able to stop even if you wanted to. 

Fiona Drazen is one of 8 kids in a crazy mess of a family. Fiona is the Celebutante of the family. Making a life out of being seen for what she is; a crazy, fun loving, party girl. She has zero boundaries, and no regrets. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to chase the ultimate high. She is absolutely gorgeous, with her waif like model figure, and trademark Drazen auburn hair. Everyone wants to be her, or be inside her. But she has just about reached her limit. 
Fiona wakes up in a institute for the insanely rich, trust fund babies of glam America. She has done something this time, that she can't shrug off, she can't pop another pill and ignore this. But she also doesn't remember it. So begins her time at Westonwood, in amongst some of the most messed up kids of her generation. She is going to find out a lot of truths about herself, and some she does not want to hear. But is this going to wake her up finally and see that things need to change. 

Forbidden was originally 2 novellas, then a full length final part. The first 2 parts were literally full on action from start to finish. Quick, shocking reads, that literally glued your eyes to the page. They were followed by Break, a full length novel, a bit more slower in pace, but no less gripping or addictive. 
Putting all 3 together in Forbidden has made this one intense, long story. But it's incredibly good. It's hard to believe this story is finished now, it's left me feeling all weird and sad. I waited so long to find out what happened to Fiona, once she left the institute and hit real life again, and now it's all over. I actually envy those who are going into Forbidden with no knowledge of this series, so they get to experience Fiona, gorgeous Deacon, and addictive Elliot from the start. 

This story is at times very dark, it will include all the nasty realities of the world. The sex is off the walls intense, and filthy dirty. Everything that should be included in a warning is possibly present in this book, but that's what makes this story so amazing good and addictive. It also helps that CD Reiss has a writing style unlike any other, she is sheer genius and possibly a research extraordinaire, some of the content in this book is pretty awesome, bad but awesome, and definitely makes you wonder. But that seems to be her consistent thing, in all her books, and why she is one of my favourite authors now. 

Anyway, long winded ramble aside, this is most definitely a recommended read, and one of my favourites of 2015. A must, must 1 click. 

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