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Release Blitz & Review - Presidential Bargain - Rebecca Gallo

Forever Valentine PR and More is proud to present the release blitz for Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo.

Title: Presidential Bargain
Author: Rebecca Gallo
Release Date: Aug 14 2017

Cover Design: 

Jameson Martin was the presidential candidate who needed a wife. I needed a way out of debt.

The moment I agreed to be his pretend fiancée, all our problems should have been solved. Instead, things got complicated. 

Publicly, we were the picture of patriotic perfection.

Privately, we struggled with the one thing that wasn’t in our plan – more.

I didn’t realize how lonely my life was until Jameson filled it with everything I was missing. His passionate commitment to public service earned my vote; his icy blue gaze and the way he gave me a purpose stole my heart. But I wanted to be his partner, not his secret. And I wanted the one thing that Jameson struggled to give me – his heart. 

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Presidential Bargain had me on the edge of my seat. This novel has such a depth to it that I was surprised by the plot twist. This book has romance, deceit, and mystery all mixed together. This book is focused on a political theme, but it also has a lot of other aspects to keep readers enthralled with the story.

The plot of this book is what drew me in. I really enjoyed books that have political themes. I also love books that include fake fiancées. That made this book perfect for me. A man running for president needs a woman to pretend to be his fiancée? Sounds like a winner to me. What I didn’t expect was this book has a lot of unexpected turns. While it still has everything I enjoy about these books, it also surprised me which is always a good thing in a book.

The characters are written wonderfully. What else can you expect from a man named Jameson? He is an alpha male who is very ambitious. He really is a wonderful character because while he can be selfish at times, it is also because he is attempting to be selfless. If that confuses you, then good. I hope it makes you want to read the book and find out what I mean. Georgie is a wonderfully spunky character. I love her character the most. She is such a kind and giving person, but also able to stand up for herself when she needs to. I think both of these characters learn about each other and their selves throughout this book. 

Presidential Bargain is not missing any heat. The pages seem to be melting from all the chemistry between these characters. These steamy scenes are some of the hottest I have read in a long time, which is saying a lot. I found myself having to fan myself to cool down. While the heat is amazing, this story is not missing substance. Sometimes heat takes control and the story is lacking in real substance, but the author did a great job balancing the story out.

This story is told in a dual point of view between the two main characters. This allows us to understand where each character is coming from. I also liked the pace of this book. This book had the opportunity to either be too fast paced or too slow or boring, but the author seemed to be able to find the perfect pace for readers to be able to follow along. The most important part of this book is that it talks about some serious subjects. The author does an amazing job bringing up these subjects and giving readers an inside look at how someone going through this situation might think or feel. 

Overall, this is an amazing story. I loved reading from these characters points of view. I cannot wait to read more from them in the future as I am sure there will be more books in this series. I would recommend this book to others and hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. On a final note, I just want to say the cover of this book is perfect for the book.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Rebecca Gallo was first indoctrinated into the romance genre by her babysitter who watched hours upon hours of daytime soap operas. She harbored many inappropriate crushes on fictional characters such as John Black from “Days of Our Lives,” Orry Main from the mini-series “North & South,” and Edward Fairfax Rochester from Jane Eyre. She is still in love with Davy Jones from The Monkees. 

Rebecca currently lives in the Southwest with her husband, tiny four-year-old terror, and a tuxedo cat with a limp. When she isn’t swooning over book boyfriends or dreaming up romances, she can be found educating the youth of America. Or eating tacos. 

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