Wednesday, August 16, 2017

REVIEW - Toying with Her - Prescott Lane

TITLE - Toying with Her
AUTHOR - Prescott Lane


No one said finding love was easy, but when you invented the world’s bestselling vibrator, it’s near impossible. Yep, that’s right. That little toy hidden in your bedside table is my brain child. It’s aptly named Woman on Top. And you know what they say . . . it’s lonely at the top.

So I’m headed home to my Southern roots. It’s supposed to be an extended Summer vacation — nothing more. But Rorke Weston has other plans for me. Plans that not only involve me being on top, but also underneath him. 

It’s been said you never forget your first. For me, that’s definitely true. No night has ever lived up to the one I spent with Rorke. 

He’s turned into quite a man. Tan from the Southern sun, and stubborn as the day is long. And there’s nothing sweeter than the swipe of his tongue. 

Rorke wants his chance.  The one we never had.  But that was a long time ago.  When I still believed in Prince Charming and Happily Ever Afters.  Even ten years later, I feel a pull.  And it’s not simply Rorke yanking down my panties.  

Do second chances really happen?  Or is my heart simply toying with me?


“Small town, second chance, 5 stars”

Oh boy! First off, I adore Lane’s writing. I follow her on Facebook and I didn’t know it but my feed never shows her, well it didn’t. One day she magically reappeared and I saw the cover for Toying with Her without a thought I signed up to review it, I never read what the story was about or anything, I just put my faith in Lane and the cover. I loved Toying with Her.

Sterling is a small-town girl who made it big…in the sEx toy industry. If you’re from a small town or the Bible belt you know this is a no no. Sterling decided to come home and get some love only family can give only to find out everything is not what she thought it was. The one bright light is her friend and first lover Rorke. When all you wanted to do is escape a small town as a kid can you find happiness there as an adult?

Rorke has loved one and only one woman, Sterling. She’s the Church Deacon’s sweet daughter with a naughty side. Their parents have always been friends, and when his brother was sick she was always there. To him it doesn’t matter how she made or that she made money on something half the town frowns upon. He has two concerns, getting her back, and making sure that dang toy isn’t better then him. But what happens when the Catholic school teacher falls for the “bad girl” will it be accepted?

I adored these two. I am from a small town in the Bible belt, I know that how Lane described it is how it would go down. I loved how Rorke only cared about Sterling and what she needed/wanted. He didn’t care about anything else. The way he was willing to fight for her and quote literature was above swoon worthy. There were times I wanted to smack Sterling because she’s so closed off, but in the end, I got it and was happy with her. Toying with Her was a fast read for me that had me frowning one second yet smiling the next. If I were you I would take a dive into these twos story. 

Here are two quotes that made me smile;

“The Notorious B.I.G. was right: “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

“If love is patient and kind, it’s because so is she. If my love is stubborn, it’s only because I won’t let her go. If love makes me drunk, I want it to be on her kiss, her taste. If love makes me stupid, what more do I need to know than her? If love makes the world go round, I only want to take that trip with Sterling.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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