Sunday, September 9, 2018

Review-His for Now-Sofia Tate


Title: His for Now
Author: Sofia Tate


Ronan Byrne, the oldest of the Byrne Brothers, is the hottest bachelor in the small town of Blossom, Nevada. With his jet black hair, sapphire eyes, and a body sculpted by manual labor and not a personal trainer, every woman wants him in her bed. But he wants a challenge, not a woman who fawns all over him. However, with the financial trouble his family's dude ranch is having, he has no inclination to date, let alone get married.

Then he meets a mystery blonde who won't give him the time of day, and he is instantly drawn to her. She is Blakely Pierce, a Manhattan businesswoman who is in town to serve as maid of honor at her best friend's wedding. With her demanding career, she has no interest in romance, but unbeknownst to her, Ronan is the best man at the same wedding to be held at the ranch. The more she ignores him, the more he is curious about her and why she keeps running away from him. He refuses to give up on Blakely because he knows she is worth the fight, but he only has so long until it's time for Blakely to return to her life in New York City.

Our Review:

“Opposites attract, 3 stars”

Blakely is a city girl with some major hang ups thanks to her past. When she travels to Blossom for her best friend’s wedding she didn’t know what to expect. She’s one of those women who fights every desire she has, and Ronan is no exception. Ronan is a rancher at heart. He lives and breaths his home. When he sees Blakely he’s intrigued, when he spends some time with her he wants her. But Blakely is hot and cold. Will he get her to give him a chance?
His for Now wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. For me I didn’t like how fast this story went. It was like one second, she was fighting him then the next they were on like donkey kong. Add in the short time frame and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was kind of like whip lash for me and turned me off. But what doesn’t work for me might work for you.
Writing style-2/5

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