Sunday, September 9, 2018

Review-Unlocking Shadows-Kennedy Layne


Title:Unlocking Shadows
Author: Kennedy Layne


Gwen Kendall spent ten years in the Navy and used the last four to create a life for herself she could be proud of away from the confines of her overprotective family. Being the only woman in the Kendall clan tended to be a bit overwhelming at times. 

Chad Schaeffer had been hired on to help restore an old farmhouse for one of the returning Kendall siblings. He’d heard about the trouble the family had encountered and honestly didn’t want to go anywhere near their properties. He had a change of heart when he saw the most recently returned Kendall sibling stepping out of her car with a key in her hand. 

Gwen had waited a very long time to have a place to call her own, just as she had waited for the right man to share her life. One night of seduction convinces her she’s found both, but someone wants to take it all away. It’s been said that old houses retain a piece of each person who has lived there, but she never counted on the dark shadows wanting a piece of her. 

Series Blurb: Their homecoming wasn't so welcoming. Four brothers and one sister each gave twelve years of their lives to serve their country and fulfill their family's legacy of service. As each of them return to their home of record, they weren't prepared for what awaited them--an unforgivable sin that has been hidden for twelve long years. Secrets and lies are concealed in the dark shadows of the very town they were raised in, and the Kendall family will have no choice but to rely on one another to unravel the sinister evil that they all hold the keys to unlock.

Our Review:
“Victim or survivor? 5 stars”

Gwen is finally coming home after years of being away. She left her hometown without a backwards glance and made a name for herself. Now she’s moving home and wishes she had done it a little sooner. What Gwen isn’t excited about is a serial killer among the towns people with no idea who it is. But there’s something you need to know about Gwen, she will never be anyone’s victim.
Chad wishes he could avoid the Kendall’s, not because they are bad people but because they have crap luck when it comes to the serial killer. The last thing he wants to do is work on Gwen’s house, then he re-meets Gwen, gets to know her and things start to change. What starts out as friendship quickly turns into more, but will he be able to handle it when someone puts Gwen’s life in danger?
Unlocking Shadows is probably the most action-packed book in the series so far. We get closer to finding out who the killer is but still have no idea. We meet some new characters, spend time with old, and get to know others more. I was sucked in from the first page and couldn’t put down the mystery until the last page. Then I cursed Layne for making me wait for one more book when I want answers now.
If you love murder, suspense, and romance then this is a story for you.
Writing style-5/5

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