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Release+Review-Can't Text This-Teagan Hunter

**NEW RELEASE** CAN'T TEXT THIS by Teagan Hunter just went live!! 

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“Hi Monty. Wanna see my python?”

That’s how I ended up in the bathroom of some dive bar with a stranger.

Me, Monty Andrews, the quintessential virgin girl next door.

I was so out of my element, but there was no denying our explosive attraction, even via text.

Commence Operation Bang Each Other Out of Our Systems, because that was all it was—unfinished business. 

I had no intention of falling back into the sheets with the tattooed, muscly, dirty-in-the-best-kind-of-way single dad over and over again…but I did.

Everything was going great—until we discovered I was his son’s teacher.



What another refreshing novel! Can’t Text This is just as refreshing as the first two in the series. I was excited for this book the most because the main male, Robbie, played a part in both of the other books. This book has all the humor and cuteness from the first two books, but also holds its own with it’s unique plot. I really enjoyed this book.
The plot of this book interested me. Robbie is a single dad. His main focus is his child. He has no interest in falling in love. Then you have Monty. She is an innocent school teacher just trying to overcome her past and start a bright new future. The situation that brings these two together is shocking, but it was perfect for them. I really liked the theme of this book. I feel like the overall theme is that you can find happiness in the most unexpected places.
I really liked Monty. She was sweet and innocent, but she had a fire to her as well. She was the perfect mix between sour and sweet just like a sour patch kid. I really liked how she branched out on her own after living such a stifling past. She was a strong character. I already liked Robbie. He is a hot as sin single dad. What else is there to know? How about the fact that he is also sensitive at times, but still knows how to alpha out? Yeah, Robbie is great.
Holy Moly! These two characters know how to heat up the pages. I mean if you take just their first meeting, you can see that these two were meant to meet. The chemistry is flying off the pages at readers. Add in their second encounter and you know that when they finally do come together, it was going to be combustible. I loved the heat in this book.
The writing style of this book was good. I really enjoy the texting theme of this book. It gives us a new format to learn about characters. It makes the book more modern and gives us a glimpse into text conversations we might have glossed over in other books. The pace of this book is steady. This book is told from a dual point of view.
Overall, I have been in love with this series. Using texting as a platform to tell the story really adds a refreshing view on the relationships between characters. It also makes the story feel more authentic. I am in love with these characters! I really hope Monty’s sister, Denny, gets her own book. That would really be the icing on the cake.
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

“Witty banter galore, 5 stars”

Can’t Text This is like all the other Text books where a good chunk of the commentary comes from, well texting. I mean we live in that day in age where we are obsessed without phones, so it only makes since. So, while being up with the times Hunter also gives us some fantastic witty banter. She knows how to make someone laugh out loud when they are least expecting it. Take a dive and get lost into Can’t Text this, you won’t regret it.
Robbie is a single dad who doesn’t have time for a relationship. Hookups are the name of the game. Then he meets Monty and gives her the best pick up line possible. She surprises him in the best possible way and then runs away from him like she’s on fire. But that’s okay, she gave him her number, one he never plans on using but he has it. He fights the urge to text her, will he cave and reach out to the only woman who’s caught his eye, or will he let her be.
Monty did something totally and completely unlike her. She made out with a stranger, or basically a stranger. Days after she still can’t get him out of her mind. When he sends her a simple text will she message him back or will she chicken out? She’s the buttoned up straight lace type and he his all tattoos and cocky smiles. Will they make it, or will they crash and burn?
You have to take a chance on Can’t Text This. Especially so if you need a good laugh and to escape from real life for a while. Go one-click, you won’t regret it.
Writing style-5/5


TEAGAN HUNTER is a Missouri-raised gal, but currently lives in North Carolina with her US Marine husband, where she spends her days begging him for a cat. She survives off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. She enjoys cold weather, buys more paperbacks than she’ll ever read, and never says no to brownies. For more information, please visit




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