Monday, October 8, 2018

Review-Love Reclaimed-Delancey Stewart

Title: Love Reclaimed
Author: Delancey Stewart


Cameron Turner is cursed. He’s lost almost everyone he’s ever loved, and he knows better than to try again. If the universe intends for him to be alone, then that’s exactly what he’ll do, keeping to himself in his quiet Kings Grove cabin. 

Harper Lyles was born in the tiny mountain town of Kings Grove, and she never planned to go back. But when her life is turned upside down and she has no choice, she vows to make the best of it. For six short months at least, and then she’s on to bigger and better things. 

When Cameron rents the empty house next door to Harper, both their plans begin to change. Harper’s energy and tenacious happiness make Cameron wonder if he was really meant to be alone after all. And Cameron’s dark brooding appeal has Harper wondering if maybe Kings Grove isn’t so bad after all. 

The fourth book in the Kings Grove series is a tale of redemption and hope, featuring edge-of-your-seat suspense, Stewart’s trademark humor, and…puppies.

Our Review:

“Letting go of the past, 4 stars”

Cam was in love once, but it wasn’t a simple kind of love and it ended in tragedy. It left him a shell of a man that he once was. Cam doesn’t think he deserves happiness, then Harper walks into his life, into his house and changes things. Will he be able to let her in or will he keep her at arm’s length? Will he be able to realize how much she means to him before it’s too late?
Harper is facing her past, and not really willingly. Her father wants to make amends, but she feels its too late. But he has something she wants. When she gets to King’s Grove she starts to fall back in love with the place of her childhood, from a time when life was simple. Then there is Cam her brooding landlord. Things heat up between them but Cam backs away. Is he worth fighting for? Is it crazy for her to want him?
I did enjoy these two and everyone around them. My only complaint is I wanted more of just these two. it was almost as if they spent a lot of time avoiding each other then really getting to know each other and I wanted more of that. Other than that, this story was spot on and a sweet quick read that I think you will enjoy.
Writing style-4/5

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