Monday, October 8, 2018

Release+Review-Trusting You-Ketley Allison

Title: Trusting You
Series: Players to Lovers #1
Author: Ketley Allison
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 8, 2018



My best friend died tonight and her baby girl might be taken away from me, too, if I don’t find Lily’s father before she’s ripped out of my life and given to another family.

Unfortunately, I know who he is. He’s my best friend’s ex, and I hate him in memory and on sight.

I love this baby, but I don’t love him. Even if he does whatever it takes to make me trust him, and it seems he’s determined to do exactly that.

There’s just so little of my heart left, and I can’t—won’t—reserve any of it for that bastard, Lachlan Hayes.


A pro-football prodigy, success was laid out in golden dollar signs—until an injury so cringe-worthy it went viral laid me out for good.

Since then, I’ve discovered booze and sex, and I get both whenever I want.

Until a girl shows up at my literal doorstep, telling me about a baby I never knew I had.

As she looks at me with tears her eyes, I have a sick feeling my world is about to spin out again.

I’m in deep sh*t, because in no life plan did I think I’d raise a daughter, and I sure as hell didn’t think I’d fall in love with the woman that comes with her.


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“Be still my heart, 5 stars”

Carter is left with a task she never saw herself fulfilling. Slowly but surely, it’s killing her, or so it feels. What she didn’t expect was for her best friend to murmur Locke’s name on her death bed. She never could have imagined the court telling her she couldn’t have Lilly, all of that leading her to here and this moment. Will she take it all and walk away in the end or will she find so much more than she ever could have imagined?
Locke has been on a downward spiral ever since his injury. If you would have told him yesterday a woman would show up on his doorstep demanding, he change he would have laughed in your face. But laughing is the last thing he does. He remembers Carter, he remembers the night in question, what he didn’t expect was for that night to impact them both. Now he’s changing, he’s growing up. Locke found love and a purpose because of Lilly, but maybe just maybe Lilly also brought him something else.
I loved how these two healed together. I won’t lie, I cried right off the bat for Carter and so badly wished that she didn’t have to go through what she did. Locke needed a wake-up call and Carter had no problem issuing it. Watching these two try and navigate the waters together was entertaining but in the end rewarding. Allison is a new to me author and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Go one-click Trusting You if you want a story that will break you then put you back together.
Writing style-5/5


The way she surveys me, it’s like…oh man, it’s like scorn. For once, I’m caught unawares. 
“We’ve never slept together,” she says, but when the traffic stops and she can cross, she instead comes closer.
Yes, come to me, sexy lady.
“But you’ve slept with my best friend.”
My dick shrivels. No.
“Paige Tobias. The name mean anything to you?” she continues.
“Not even a little,” I say blithely, and that sets a sexy firelight in her eyes. “Unless it’s yours.”
The girl gives a nod, as if affirming something. “You don’t deserve this. sure as hell don’t deserve this.”
I’m honestly confused. “Deserve what? Need I remind you, you came into my home, disrupted my private time, only to yell at my dick. Yeah, I saw you looking.” My smile is like a side-swipe, knocks girls flat.
Not this one.
Her cheeks stain pink with irritation. She visibly shakes with it. Her eyes glitter—literally sheen over—with tears. 
Part of me is impressed with her passion. Not many people would step up to the plate for their friends like this. I kind of wish my guys would take up arms, but they’re more likely to search for a six-pack in my apartment than defend my honor—if I possess any, that is.
Then realization sets in, and I feel badly for a girl wanting so desperately to defend her friend, some chick I can’t remember for the life of me, but is worth enough to send this girl over here in a rage. “Your best friend. If I hurt her, I’m sorry. Really. It’s never my intention. I always make sure the women I take home understand I’m not the boyfriend type—”
“You didn’t hurt her, asshole. You had a daughter with her.”
The girl covers her mouth abruptly, like she didn’t mean to say what she just said.
Tara picks that time to come out of the apartment building, hearing this girl’s words. Before I can blink the fact she’s beside me into existence, Tara slaps me across the face. So hard the angry girl in front of me gasps like she hasn’t expected this moment but kinda enjoys it.
“You have a kid?” Tara cries.
But the sharp crack against my cheek is needed. My brain has put on the brakes, my jaw’s unhinged, my towel might as well come off again, because, What the fuck did this girl just say to me?
The girl sighs, energy seeming to expel out of her in one wave, and says, “My name is Carter Jameson. And you have a ten-month-old daughter.”
Oh, Jesus. 


Ketley Allison has always been a romantic at heart. That passion ignited when she realized she could put those dreams into words and her soul into characters. Ketley was born in Canada, moved to Australia when she was thirteen, to California when she was twenty, and finally to New York to attend law school, but most of that time was spent sitting in coffee shops and wine bars thinking of her next book.

Her other passions include coffee, wine, Big Macs, her cat, and her husband, possibly in that order.


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