Monday, October 8, 2018

Review-Just Say Yes-Samantha Lind

Title: Just Say Yes
Author: Samantha Lind


What will it take for her to Just Say Yes?

Scott Taylor has the perfect life. He gets to fulfill his dream playing professional hockey, has a loving family, and a tight group of friends. But the one thing missing in his life is a partner to come home to. He knows exactly who he wants to fill that position– the only woman he has ever loved. The one who got away, who constantly consumes his every thought. What it would take to get her to Just Say Yes to a second chance?

Becca Phillips is an independent woman who has made her career as an ER nurse a priority in her life. She has a loving family and a best friend by her side, but she can’t seem to get over her first love, Scott. Insecurities led her to break up with him years ago when he started climbing the ranks in professional hockey and, for eight years, Becca has avoided Scott when he returns home each summer. Can she overcome her fears and allow love back into her life? All she has to do is Just Say Yes to the one and only man she has ever loved.

Our Review:

Second chance love. Just Say Yes is a second chance romance novel. This is the first book in an interconnected series of stand-alone novels. This book has romance and heat in it. This book is a heart-warming romance novel.
I liked the idea of the plot of this novel. Second chance romances always touch my heart. I think it is because time and distance change people. I like how it can show people who they were meant to be with. I will say that I felt the plot was a bit soft. I felt it was too fluffy for me personally, but I did finish it and enjoy the light read.
Becca is a good character. She made a decision in her younger years that she thought was best for her and Scott. I liked that she owned up to it and accepted that it might not have been the best decision she made. I liked how she was driven and focused. I think she is a good character. Scott is a good character as well. I liked that he showed he cared about Becca. He wasn’t afraid to fight to get her back when he finally saw her again. He knew what he wanted even if he didn’t always know how to get it.
The heat in this book is good. I think their history lead to some really interesting chemistry between them. The fact that the love never really died for either of them didn’t hurt either. These two obviously are attracted to each other. The author had no qualms in showing that heat was not an issue for them.
The writing style of the book was good. As I said before, I finished the book. The pace was steady, but I felt the story was missing something. I would have to stay it was probably the lack of any real conflict for the characters. Usually something big happens which is the climax. I felt this book fell short on delivering that.
Overall, I liked the book. It is a good palate cleanse after reading some emotionally damaging books. I did feel there was something lacking in this book, but it didn’t totally ruin it for me. I rated this book a 4 star because I did enjoy the book and characters. I cannot wait to read about the other characters that this book introduced as well.
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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