Thursday, March 12, 2020

Release + Review - Dirty Prince - V. Darling

There’s only one thing you need to know about Scarsdale High.

The Royals rule here.

We say when to jump and how high, and the rest follow like lemmings because to do otherwise is social suicide.

As cheer captain, I have everything I’ve ever wanted, including Scarsdale’s star quarterback, Navrin Fox.

There’s just one problem … his twin brother.

Lev Fox knows exactly how to push my buttons—he’s been doing it since childhood, after all—but when I give into my baser instincts and let the boy I hate best me in a battle of wills, it’s not only my reputation as Queen Bee on the line, it’s my heart too.

Secrets, betrayal, and lies—that’s what we Royals do best.
But no one ever said anything about love.  

If your a fan of bully romances look no further. Dirty Prince gives us all the teenage drama and angst our little hearts could desire. You have a set of twins who are at odds. Ones the golden boy with the golden girl and the other is dark and wants her for himself. Scout has always wanted Nat but can't help but be drawn to Lev. The question is who will she choose? Secrets, lies, and betrayal sign me up please! One thing is for sure Darling sold me with Dirty Prince and I cannot wait to see what she does next.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

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               I lean against the opposite wall and watch her as she sips her coffee and takes several bites out of her bagel—probably gluten-free because Scout Taylor would never eat carbs. As if she can sense me, she turns and scowls, ripping the earbuds from her ears. “Jesus, Lev. I knew you were pathetic, but I never took you for a stalker.”
               I give her a jaded smile and slowly, indolently, roll my gaze up her tanned legs. “I’d rather slit my goddamn throat than have to watch you all day.”
               “Knives are in the top drawer; knock yourself out.” She picks up her plate and tosses the rest of her bagel in the trash. “Just don’t spill your blood or entrails on the rug. You know how Ebba gets about stubborn stains.”
               “Oh, Cub. I always knew you were sociopath.”
               “Takes one to know one,” she chirps in that saccharine-sweet voice.
               If only every cell in her tight little body wasn’t dripping with venom.

#2 Dirty Devil

V is for Vixen, Vamp, Vexing, and Veronica—because I’m so NOT a Betty.
V is whomever you want her to be.
V. Darling is also the pseudonym of a USA Today bestselling author.
She has penned many books, none of those start with V.


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