Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Release Blast + Review- El Diablo- M. Robinson


By M. Robinson

Release Date: September 8



The sins of the father became those of the son. 

Wrath for taking what was precious to me. 

Greed for the lives that were mine to kill. 

Sloth for the destruction against their will.

Lust for revenge and the blood I’d spill. 

Gluttony for the souls I craved. 

Envy for the spirits I had yet to take.  

Pride for the birthright I’d soon fulfill. 


One look. 

One moment. 

One girl. 

She was all it took for me to lose my focus.

Sienna Luciano, my eighth deadly sin. 


It was the end of me, but not my legacy. 

It was only the beginning of...


El Diablo’s resurrection. 


Allow me to introduce myself.


I’m Crucifixio Martinez.

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Our Review

“Holy… 5 stars”


Holy guacamole! Robinson put us through the ringer with this one! Then again if you’re a loyal reader you probably saw that coming from the moment, she told us the Devil’s son wanted to come and play. You have heat, you have passion, and you have suspense, making El Diablo II a must read if your one for a twisty AF book.

Cruz wanted Sienna from the moment he saw her. When he did so he dropped the ball. He’s trying to write his wrongs and get the girl, even if it’s in an unconventional way. What happens you take a mob prince and a mob princess and throw them together? Only one way to find out. One thing is for sure, you won’t regret reading El Diablo. Now I’m just going to sit over here waiting for the next story.




Writing style-5/5


Meet M. Robinson:

Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson loves her readers more than anything! They have given her the title of the ‘Queen of Angst.’ 

She loves to connect with her following through all her social media platforms and also through email! Please keep in touch in her reader group VIP on Facebook, if she’s not in there than she is on Instagram. 

She lives in Brandon Fl with the love of her life, her lobster, and husband Bossman. They have two German shepherd mixes, a gordito Wheaten Terrier and a user Tabby cat. She is extremely close to her family, and when she isn’t living the cave life writing her epic love stories, she is spending money shopping. Anywhere and everywhere. 

She loves reading and spending time with her family and friends whenever she can.

Connect with M. Robinson:

YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2Catz97

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