Monday, June 18, 2018

REVIEW - Love Redefined - Delancey Stewart

TITLE - Love Redefined
AUTHOR - Delancey Stewart


Chance Palmer is the hottest bachelor in Kings Grove, and even his younger brother Sam sees him as a playboy and a charmer. It's nice to be admired, but Chance is ready for something serious--something like the love he had once before. The love he refuses to talk about.  

Michaela "Mike" Grayson fell in love once. And though that relationship gave her the son she'd never trade for anything, it came with a darker side she's still trying to escape.  

When Michaela's job requires her to scout a tiny town called Kings Grove as a potential resort destination for her company, she's not prepared for what awaits her there:  a charming playboy with a knack for making her feel like everything in her world just might work out fine. And Chance is unprepared for the feelings he finds inside himself for Michaela, and for her son, Finn.  

Can Mike overcome the darkness in her past enough to trust that Chance might be more than just a fantasy? Can Chance Palmer move past the pain of his first love and fall again? 

This is Book 3 in the Kings Grove Series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Johnaka's Review:

“Finding a new kind of love, 5 stars”

If you’ve read any of the Kings Grove stories you know who Chance is and he’s always been sort of a mystery when it comes to his love life. To some its obvious he’s been hurt but no one knows what happened until now, and only a few know. Love Redefined is his story unraveling and coming back together. At times its heart wrenching and then it pulls you back together. He never expected to meet Michaela (a.k.a Mike) but now he can’t imagine his life without her or her son.

Mike’s life has been a disaster for the last couple of years. She holds it all together for her son with an iron will. Leaving her to be a slight control freak, only now that control she had is being threatened. She needs her next job to pan out and if it doesn’t everything could change, and she doesn’t like change. When Chance comes into her life it alters the balance even more. Will she get the guy in the end or will her past prevent it from happening?

In Love Redefined there is a ton of healing. Chance and Mike both must get over and let go of the past before they can be together, and sometimes that’s easier to say than do. The main thing is they had each other while healing. I loved how Chance totally fell for her son immediately and how we really witnessed him transform.

If you like a feel good second chance at love kind of story, Love Redefined is one for you.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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