Saturday, April 12, 2014

1 Crazy, Busy Week Old

So, it's been 1 week since this blog went live (plus all my attached social media accounts created) and it's been such a crazy, busy week! I've loved it of course. Starting them all up was mental, running between each one. Yet, when all were ticking over i could breathe a little, and attempt to catch up on actual reading. The main reason I actually started this in the first place. ;) So i have spent a couple of days breaking through my growing pile of books, and I'm spending today finishing my 'Saturday Series Catch-Up' read. So, if you have visited any of my sites and returned, Thank you!! It makes it so worthwhile for me. Right, so with that, I'll be off to finish my book. So I can be back with my review. Bye for now!! :) Lou. xx

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