Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review - Sunshine (Sunshine #1) - Nikki Rae


***I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest & fair review***

After reading the synopsis on this book, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I love the paranormal genre and pretty much enjoy most subjects within that genre. The only thing that worries me these days, is Vampires. They have been done to the extreme over and over in a multitude of ways. That's not to say I don't enjoy the subject, I do. I love vampire stories but worry when another one comes along. I just don't like to read a copy of something else already out. 
Anyway, I really didn't need to worry at all. This book is nothing like any other book I've ever read, vampires or not. It was fresh and different, and fit in so many different subject matters it was full to burst. Thus being incredibly hard to put down. There is some really sensitive and sad aspects of this story which are touched on pretty heavy but they are done perfectly and just added to how much I loved the characters. 
Sophie is an 18 year old in her final year of school. She is anything but your average American 18 year old. She has an allergic reaction to the sun, so she has to cover up totally and avoid it where possible. Her family life is confusing, but she has some amazing friends. She has also had some horrible things happen in her past which have helped make her the way she is now. Despite all that, she is quirky and funny, a really talented musician and in need of some good luck. In walks Myles, quiet and gorgeous with secrets. He's determined to be Sophie's friend and turns out to be an amazing friend and really good for her. They learn a lot about each other with some twists and turns along the way, but their friendship is really sweet and special. It grows in to more than friendship but that's where things get complicated for Sophie. With some really fast paced drama at the end, I was literally on the edge of my seat at one point. Sophie really does turn out to be quite invincible with everything that is thrown at her. I went from starting the sniffling, to panicking, back to the sniffling, then to sighing in relief. Crazy emotion there! 
I loved all the characters in this book and their was plenty of them. From her best friends Boo & Trei, to her brother Jade and his boyfriend Stevie. They were all so colourful and fun. Like I said before, when i started this I was panicking about it being another stereotypical school drama with some vampire action thrown in, but I couldn't have been more wrong and blown away. I can't wait to get started on book 2!! 

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