Monday, April 14, 2014

Review - Storm Ravaged (Storm Damages #2)

So, I decided to come back to this sequel after taking a break after the 1st book. This book takes off only 2 1/2 months after the end of the last book. It would appear Gabriel lost some of his memories in the accident. Some came back, but nothing of Elizabeth. So when they meet up again to close the deal from before. It's a very weird atmosphere between them. Elizabeth is now even further along in the pregnancy but as she never told Gabriel in the last book, and then he lost his memory anyway, he had no clue. His sister Brianna has updated him on everything, and he decides he wants part of his child's life. So begins a bizarre series of meeting between them. It's very cold and lacking the chemistry that they had before. There is obviously an attraction between them, and Gabriel is picking up on how he felt about Elizabeth before but it's still a fair bit off. Even with the decisions they make together for whatever reasons, it seems to have quite a cold and lacking feel to it. There is a bit of suspense thrown in and quite a lot of drama. But a fair few of the key points that happen are skimmed through, so the time seems to be flying by. Towards the end, when everyone is brought to Gabriel's family home in England, it gets quite exciting. There is a few family revelations, and some shocker moments. Also some drama and intrigue thrown in. Which actually picks up the pace and makes it quite unputdownable. The end is surprising and sad and makes me desperate for the next book in the series. This book was enjoyable and I'm glad I read it. I do want to see where Gabriel and Elizabeth end up. Yet I was a little disappointed with the way in which the characters lost a little of their chemistry and raw attraction. I didn't get the same feel from Gabriel that I did in book 1, he was totally alpha and addictive in book 1. Yet I feel in this book he was quite weak and had lost some of his potent, demanding, sexiness. Still good though. 3.5 stars. 

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