Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review - Chocoate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe - Rebecca Raisin

This novella was such a sweet and lovely read. I wasn't entirely sure if it was my type of book before I started reading, but I don't think anybody who enjoys light hearted romance books with great characters could not find it their type of book. It was charming and funny with less than 100 pages long yet it felt so much longer. The writing and detail put in to this story was so rich, you lose track of how many pages it has. 
We're taken to The Gingerbread Cafe in a small town where everybody knows each other and each other's business. It's a community where a Chocolate Festival over Easter is big deal to everyone and something that everyone gets involved in. Everything seems perfect for Lily who runs the Cafe with the help of CeeCee a bubbly co-worker with a hilarious and light look over everything. She's now living with the droolworthy Damon who runs the shop across from hers, after finally getting over her ex who ditched her and took everything except her cafe with him, 2 years ago. Things couldn't be better, until Lily's conniving ex, Joel wanders back in to her life. We see Lily try and deal with the slippery and sneaky Joel whilst preparing for the spectacular Easter event. 
The massive amount of delicious and mouthwatering sweet treats that were being concocted in the cafe were literally making me curse my inability to make anything without strict instructions on the packet. I was practically craving something ginger & chocolate which is not unusual for me, but it certainly isn't usually a bi-product of reading! The detail that went into all the descriptions had me practically smelling everything that went on in that cafe.
The characters were all pretty colourful and addictive. From CeeCee the loveable mother figure with amazing talent in the kitchen, and in being an amazing friend to so many. To Sarah the bookworm in the bookshop down the road, who manages to provide some gritty romance reads to CeeCee & cookbooks to Lily in exchange for chocolate goodies. Everyone has a tale to tell and is really warm hearted and fun to read. 

I did read this was a standalone before I read it yet, I definitely feel like I want to read Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe. Everything about this book was captivating and made for such a light hearted and happy read, that I needed. I want to read how Damon & Lily first met up. This was a great Novella and I'm glad it's part of a series I can't wait to read more. 4 Stars.

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