Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review - Asher (Inked Brotherhood #1) - Jo Raven

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review**

With eighteen, Audrey returns to her hometown for the first time after the accident – the car crash that took her dad and scarred her for life. She’s here to start again. Go to college and have fun. Make new friends. Get over the past.
But the past won’t let go. Asher is here – her first kiss, her first heartbreak. More handsome and distant than ever, he’s still the boy who used to be her best friend. That was before he changed into someone she hardly knows anymore – the boy who started getting into fights and gave her the cold shoulder for years.
Asher isn’t what she needs. In fact, she hates him and should try her best to keep away from him.
Yet her body doesn’t seem to care about how she feels, and maybe, just maybe this time her body got it right. Not that she has much of a choice. Asher draws her like a bright flame, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll burn.
And that may not be such a bad thing after all...

So, I was given this book to read and it was like a little gem. I wasn't sure what to expect, The author (Jo Raven) is a new and upcoming author and asked me to have a read. I started it straight away, and Pow!! It was really good right from the first few pages. One thing that drives me barmy in books, Insta-love! One thing that is absolutely a treat in books, A couple who have known each other when kids or for years and reunited! Audrey and Asher grew up together as kids. They lived almost next door to each other and played all the time. They were inseparable until, reaching 14 they decide to have their first kiss! Then it all goes down hill and they drift apart and after some really horrible life events that involve both of them, Audrey moves away and they never see each other again. Until, Audrey moves back to her home town to go to College. Now, both Audrey and Asher have some serious baggage between them, some really horrific things that are truly heartbreaking. The sorts of things that are best left to find out for yourself, as I don't give spoilers! So let me just continue by saying, how perfectly the story was all put together. From their pasts being entwined to how they come to need each other, even if it takes them some time to realise it. What also makes it an amazing story Is the backing of all the other characters. From Audrey's best friend Tessa, to all the yummy guys. Which we find out that the 5 of them are part of brotherhood, that links them with a tattoo, all of them are together as they have been through some dark times, some are still in those dark times. We don't get to see too much of all 5 just yet, but the ones we do see Zane & Dylan are excellent and I can't wait to read their stories. There is a lot of secrets between everyone that are only hinted at in this book, which leaves me desperate to get my hands on the next book in the series. The way in which JR fills her book with such detail and emotion really had me gripped. I love to be able to fully visualise everything that's going on, and I had no troubles even practically smelling the scenes as they were happening. Yeh, that's not always pleasant. Lol. Anyway, I really did love this story and honestly think this will be a hands down winner when released! Can't wait to read book 2! 

'I swallow hard. This girl can see right through me. She takes every single bad thing in my life and makes it good. And she's mine.'


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