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Review: Summer Sky

Summer Sky

Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was extremely lucky to be a beta reader for this book, and feel as if I have followed the characters journey for quite a while, and have loved every part of it.
Sky Davis is the down to earth, straight talking girl from next door. She's naturally gorgeous and has an equally natural personality. After being cheated on by her lame and lacking boyfriend of 5 years, she decides it's time to take a break. Leaving her home, ex boyfriend and job. She heads down to her childhood retreat for some thinking time. 1 car bump and crazy misunderstanding with cottage double bookings later. Sky has met 'The' Dylan Morgan. Although Sky has no idea that Dylan Morgan is the frontman for rock band Blue Phoenix, and that Dylan is also running and hiding in his childhood retreat too. So begins a sweet and funny meeting that grows into intense, hot chemistry in their holiday bubble. Away from the world they both have ran from.
Right from the beginning, I loved Sky. She's quirky and feisty and so normal you can't help but love her. The one liners she always manages to throw back at a shocked then secretly smitten Dylan, are so quick and sarcastic it's perfect.

"A dog ran out in front of me"
He looks into the road. "What dog?"
"The dog's not here now. I don't think the dog realised it needed to be a material witness and ran off" I narrow my eyes at him and he deliberately looks me up and down.

Dylan is the typical hot and brooding Rock star to start with, but after spending time with Sky, he soon starts coming out of his moping mood and starts to remember how to live.

"The water's bloody cold!" I step back and rub the water off my arms. "How can you stand swimming in this?"
"Because it makes me feel alive! Free. I'd forgotten how awesome this place is. I can breathe again."
Dylan's half talking to himself, I can't help but smile too. His happy enthusiasm is contagious.

The time spent at the cottage is charming and sweet, yet the undercurrent of building feelings makes all the moments really exciting. Waiting to see what they do.
Of course this dream bubble has to eventually burst. Sky has avoided looking to see who Dylan really is and after a glimpse at the real Dylan one day, she decides to take a look. Everything turns up a notch after that and it all goes from sweet yet steamy holiday crushes to intense real life with a harsh inside view of a rock star life, with stalking tendencies and ugly bad secrets waiting to come out. A week hiding in a secluded holiday cottage, indulging in a holiday crush soon becomes a distant memory for Sky and Dylan, but one that will stay with them forever.
There is a huge change halfway through when they come back to the 'real world' and you get to know the real Dylan and the people he spends his life and time with. Some very colourful characters and all pretty memorable.
What I really loved about Summer Sky is how you go from characters that are so like real people, people you can relate to and laugh along with.....

"Is this your underwear?"
I snap my eyes open, spilling my wine as I jump to my feet. Psycho-sexy driver stands at the bottom of the stairs with a pair of my knickers hanging off his long fingers. Not even nice underwear. The sort reserved for unsexy times of the month.

To the gorgeous, fantasy characters that I love to read about in my book escapism. There's so much going on in this book and it's all entertaining and addictive to read. Part sweet and easy to read romance, part rock star sexiness story. A mixture for everyone. Plus knowing the story continues on in a series is even better. There is so many characters I want to see more of and so much more to find out about. It will be exciting to go back to the Blue Phoenix world again.
A very justified and well earned 5 shiny stars!

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